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Many Centuries ago, all the prescriptions were written in Latin words. Prescription Abbreviations are also known as Pharmacy Sig Codes in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Nowadays these prescription abbreviations were only used for the drug’s directions.

Medical practitioners or physicians use this prescription in short form or Sig codes. It is very important for the Pharmacists is to remember all the pharmacy sig codes list.

Recently Doctor prescription abbreviations in India being started electronic, so the use of sig code charts highly decreasing. But still, every Pharmacist and Pharmacy technician should remember the Pharmacy Prescription Abbreviations.

In this article, we will discuss the top pharmacy abbreviations healthcare providers use on prescriptions and help you translate them. Also, discuss here the steps you should take to protect yourself from prescription errors.

The Origin of Rx as an Prescription Abbreviation

Rx symbols represented as part of a prescription includes in Superscription which is written before writing a prescription. Rx is an prescription abbreviation of the Latin word recipe, which meaning ‘You Take’ ( Take thou).

In the olden days, the Rx symbol was considered to be originated from the sign of the Roman deity Jupiter, God of healing. This Jupiter symbol was committed by the ancient in requesting, God for the quick recovery of the patient’s diseases.

List of Prescription Abbreviations or Sig Codes

This is a Pharmacy dosage abbreviation used in medical prescriptions, including hospital orders. This dosage abbreviations chart does not include abbreviations for drug name suffixes such as CD, ER, XT.

Here we also provide Prescription Abbreviations pdf which is helpful to you summarise all the prescription symbols together.

You can see another article where we give the top 5 free apps for pharmacy students from there you should be able to download the Pharmacy Sig Codes App which is too much helpful to remember prescription abbreviations.

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Complete Master List of Medical Prescription Abbreviations (Sig Codes)
Prescription Abbreviations (Sig Codes)

Latin Terms and Abbreviations Symbols Used in Prescription Writing

Various prescription abbreviations RX are used during the prescription being written. Below we are providing more than 120+ prescription abbreviations lists, Some are used too much, some are used too little.

All Pharmacy Abbreviations are classified into different categories like Kinds of preparation, Methods of Administration, Time of Administration, and Used in body parts so you find them accordingly depending on your necessity.

An Example of Prescription Abbreviations

You may have seen in prescription the letters like b.i.d, hs, q.i.d, o.d on your prescriptions. These are the prescription abbreviations uk for Latin phrases.

Here is an example of an Rx medical prescription of a healthcare provider that might be written on a prescription, it should be written in small letters or capital letters.

Sig: 1 tab PO qid pc & hs

These abbreviations are the instructions for patients taking the medication from the pharmacist. In this case, the direction can be read as: “Take one tablet by mouth four times a day, after meals at bedtime.”

Prescription Abbreviations Used For Kinds Of Preparation

Latin TermAbbreviationsMeaning in English
AuristilleauristillEar drops
CapsulacapsA capsule
CataplasmacataplasmA poultice
ChartachartA powder
CollutoriumcollutA mouth wash
CollyriumcollyrAn cye wash
CremorcremA cream
EmulsioemulAn emulsion
HaustoushtA drought
InjectisinjAn injection
InsufflatioinsuffAn insufflation
LinctuslinA linctus
LinimentumlinA liniment
LiquorliqA solution
LotiolotA lotion
Misturam, mistA mistura
NaristillaenaristNasal drops
NebulanebA spray solution
PastapastA paste
PilulapilA pill
SolutiosolA solution
SuppositoriumsupposA suppository
TabellatabA tablet
UnguentumungAn ointment

Prescription Abbreviations Used in Methods of Administration

Latin TermAbbreviationsMeaning in English
AddendusaddendTo be added
ApplicandusapplicandTo be applied
ApplicatLet (him) apply
CapienduscapiendTo be taken
DandusdandTo be given
DeglutiendusdeglutTo be swallowed
InfricandusinfricandTo be subbed in
InhaleturinhalLet (it) be inhaled
MiscendusmiscendTo be mixed
SumendusS or sumTo be taken
UtendusU or utendTo be used

Prescription Abbreviations Used For Time of Administration

Medication administration abbreviations are listed below in different categories like times per day, different times of the day, hour time, correlated time etc. Time is a crucial factor for the administration of drugs.

Times Per Day

Latin TermAbbreviationsMeaning in English
Semel in diesem in dieOnce a day
Bis in die, Bis diebid., b.d.Twice a day
Ter in dieti.d., Ld.Three times a day
Quater in dieqi.d., q.d.Four times a day
Sexics in diesex.i.d.Six times a day

Different Time of the Day

Latin TermAbbreviationsMeaning in English
Primo maneprim. mEarly in the morning
ManemIn the morning
Omni maneO.m.Every morming
Omni nocteO.n.Every night
Inter nocteinter nocteDuring the night
NocteAt night
Inter nocteminter nocteDuring the night
Nocte et and morming
Nocte manequen.m.Night and morning

Hour Time

Latin TermAbbreviationsMeaning in English
Omni horao.h.Every hour
Omni quarta horao.q.h.Every fourth hour
Singulis horissing. horaEvery hour
Alternis horisalt. hor.Every two hours
Tertis horistert. hor.Every three hours
Quartis horisquart. hor.Every four hours
Sextis horissext. hor.Every six hours

Correlated Time

Latin TermAbbreviationsMeaning in English
Anti cibosa.c.Before meals
Post cibosp.c.After meals
Inter cibosi.c.Between meals

Other Terms

Latin TermAbbreviationsMeaning in English
Dolore urgentedol.urgWhen the pain is severe
More dictom.d.As directed
Mode dictom.d.As directed
Si opus sitS.O.S.When required or When necessary
Tussi urgenttuss. urg.When the cough is troublesome

Prescription Abbreviations For Vehicle Used

Latin TermAbbreviationsMeaning in English
Cochleane-amplumcoch- ampOne tablespoonful
Cochleane- magnumcoch- magOne tablespoonful
Cochleane- maximumcoch- maxOne tablespoonful
Cochleare mediumcoch. med.One dessertspoonful
Cochleare minimumcoch. min.One teaspoonful
Cum duploC. dup.With twice as much
Cum parte acqualeC. pt. aeq.With an equal quantity
Cum tantoc. tant.With as much
Cyathus ampluscyath. ampA tumbler
Cyathus magnuscyath. mag.A tumbler
Cyathus vinosuscyath. vin.A winc glass
E.lactee. lact.With milk
Ex.aquaex. aq.With water

Prescription Abbreviations Used For Parts of Body

Latin TermAbbreviationsMeaning in English
Auris dextera.d.To right ear
Auris laevusa.l.To left car
Brachisbrach.To the body
Jugulojug.To the throat
NasoTo the nose
Oculis dextero.d.To right eye
Oculis laevuso.lTo left eye
Os, orisO.S.To mouth
Pro oculuspro.ocul.For the cyes
SternostenTo the chest

Miscellaneous Prescription Abbreviations

Latin TermAbbreviationsMeaning in English
Adad.To, upto
Anaãa, aaOf cach
Aqua distilataaq. dest.Distilled water
CiboscibosMeals, food
Fiatft.Makce, let it be made
Gutta, guttaegtt.A drop, drops
HorahAn hour
MiscemMix, let it be mixed
Mitte talesmitt talSend such
More dictom.dict.In the manner prescribed
Pro dosiAs a dose
Quantum sufficiatq.s.As much as is sufficient
Talis, talestalSuch

Numericals Prescription Abbreviations

Latin WordRoman SymbolMeaning in English
CentumCOne Hundred

Most Commonly Used Prescription Abbreviations

Commonly Used Medical Prescription Abbreviations (Sig Codes)
Commonly Used Medical Prescription Abbreviations
Latin TermAbbreviationsMeaning in English
Anti cibosa.c.Before meals
Post cibosp.c.After meals
Bis in die, Bis dieb.i.d.Twice a day
Ter in diet.i.d.Three times a day
Quater in dieq.i.d.Four Times a day
Quantum sufficiatq.s.As much as sufficient
Oculis dextero.d.Right eye
Omni horao.h.Every hour

Declining Uses of Prescription Abbreviations

Recently the use of Latin words in prescriptions are highly reduced by medical practitioners. It becomes more common for health care providers to write prescriptions in the English language.

For example, the abbreviation QD, which means daily, if mistakenly written qid, means four times a day. The same case would happen for o.d., which means right eye. If simply writing OD, which means once daily.

Plain English language written prescriptions is easy to read than Latin phrases. It also helps prevent medication errors. That’s why medical professionals use sig pharmacy abbreviations to prevent hard-to-read problems.

Some FAQs Related to Prescription Abbreviations

What is the meaning of BD and OD in prescription?

BD meaning in prescription is that the medicine should be taken twice daily. In prescription used OD full form is ‘Once in a day. OD meaning in prescription is that the prescribed medication should be taken once daily.

What are common medical abbreviations?

The most common prescription abbreviations are a.c, p.c, b.d, od, hs, q.i.d, t.i.d etc.

What TDS means in medical?

The full form of TDS is ‘ter in die’. TDS medical abbreviations mean the prescribed medication should be taken thrice daily.

In which languages the abbreviations in prescription writing is very common, especially in dosage instructions?

Nowadays, the English language is the most commonly used for prescription abbreviations, especially for dosage administration charts.

Does abbreviations in community pharmacy?

Yes, prescription abbreviations are also community pharmacies.

I want medicine to be purchased on a previous prescription what abbreviation should be mentioned on the prescription?

Basically, in these cases, no prescription sig abbreviations are not used. Generally such types of instructions “same as previous” or “repeat” is seen in common prescriptions.

How do you memorize pharmacy abbreviations?

Pharmacy sig codes pdf do memorize is not an easy task. But who are preparing for PTCB or ExCPT exams they should need to memorize. Some of the tips are given below which may help you memories the Pharmacology terminology list of prescription abbreviations. Those are:
• When you see the O letter, remember this is an eye that is also round.
• When you see the BD letter, remember that the bi which means two.
• When you see ac and pc, remember that P for the post, which means after and then rests ac means before.

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