Top 5 Free Apps For Pharmacy Students

In Google Play Store you will get so many Apps for Pharmacy related. It is impossible to find out the best Apps for your studies necessary. Don’t worry I will help you to find out to free download the app which you want. Here we provide the top 5 free apps for pharmacy students which will help you very much in your B. Pharm, D. Pharm, and M. Pharm course study.

This is not a promotional post. I use these best b pharmacy apps for my daily studies. I hope these best learning pharm apps help you very much like me. These top 5 free apps for pharmacy students are available in the play store from there you can easily download and use these very easily. Besides the mention of the app’s name we also provide a short description of the app which will help you a lot.

Top 5 Free Apps For Pharmacy Students available in Google Play Store
Top 5 Free Apps For Pharmacy Students

Top 5 Reasons For Your Pharmacy Needs An App

There are so many reasons for using the best apps for pharmacy students. For a student, needs the best app for b pharmacy notes and books. A medical stores owner needs the best drug guide apps.

Medical students need the best pharmacology app. A D. Pharm students need d pharmacy learning app. Mentioned above all the necessary applications we provide in the top 5 free apps for pharmacy students article.

#1. Good Scoring in Examination

Best apps for pharmacy students help you very much in your exam. In books, all the materials and things are not given clearly but in apps, it provides topics wise with a short description explanation.

Another problem is that various writer’s books available in a particular book but it is impossible to buy all Writer books. After using this b pharmacy study app you get all Writer books together in Pdf format.

#2. Online Sales of Medicines

The possibility of online sales will please the owner of the pharmacy and customers. Your customers can order medicine anytime anywhere whenever they want. You will also increase your sales which means increase profits growth.

#3. Improved Competitive Ability

If you are a Pharmacy student and you have a pharma store the top 5 free apps for pharmacy students Articles help you a lot. Because in that time students to patients using a smartphone.

So with a single mobile app, your mobile platform allows you to stay in touch 24/7 with your clients, regardless of the location.

#4. Get All Necessary Books and Notes Together

For getting maximum number in examination a good writer’s books and best notes needed. In academics, a single book is not enough. But after using these top 5 free apps for pharmacy students your all problem may be ease.

#5. Save Time When Every Minute Counts

Most of the students starting study before the exam night. So if he b pharmacy dictionary apps download then time will be saved and easily get maximum marks in exams or can be a pass. We selected the best pharmacy app in India from a billion apps available in the Google Play Store.

List of the Best Useful Top 5 Free Apps for Pharmacy Students

Every smartphone user of Pharmacists or Pharmacy students can stay updated with the latest pharmacy-related books, notes, news, drug inventory information, etc.

But the most problem is that what are the best pharmacy mobile apps 2021 resources they can use. Here we provide the best pharmacy app in India as well as the best app for B Pharmacy notes, books pdf.

From these Pharmacy mobile apps, you can get regular notification alerts. Which will help you in your examination. You just need a mobile to use this Pharmacy Study app. Below we provide the top 5 free apps for pharmacy students in free useable and downloadable.

Drug Dictionary Offline

Drug Dictionary Offline applications is the best app for pharmacy students compared to the other apps. Drug Dictionary Offline free applications is a medical sciences handbook that provides all information about medicines. It is used for medication, uses, dosage, how to take (administration), side effects, drug interactions, missed dose, precautions, and storage.

This app is very small in size and developed by Atomic Info apps and more than 1M+ downloaded in Google Play Store.

App NameDrug Dictionary Offline
App Icon
Size of App3.2MB
App Version2.0
Released OnNov 13, 2017
DeveloperAtomic Infoapps
App LinkClick Here To Download

App Highlights

  • Completely Offline and free to download.
  • Very friendly and beautiful interface.
  • List of drug names and uses.
  • Detailed drug guide including the drug terms, brands, and generics.
  • Medication prescription for various diseases.
  • These apps are the best choice for pocket drug dictionaries for nurses with doses and overdose information.
  • Also available in missed dose details describing the impacts of a missed dose of a patient and the necessary measures.

App Features

  • Search option to lookup the offline drug index.
  • Drug classification computations and calculations.
  • Drugs Encyclopaedia with complete information regarding their use and abuse, side effects, and pill identification.
  • Based on the latest update this app is now GDPR compliance and also made enhancements for supporting Android Pie.

Available For:- iPhone, iPod touch, Android Devices

Pharmacy Study Notes

The students who need pharmacy-related books and notes for this app are great. The app size is too small and developed by Therithal Info and 50K+ downloaded in Google Play Store. This app provides study materials and lecture notes for all major subjects.

App NamePharmacy Study Notes
App Icon
Size of App1.7MB
App Version1.11
Released OnFeb 23, 2018
DeveloperTherithal Info
App LinkClick Here To Download

App Highlights

  • Very friendly and beautiful interface.
  • Easy to understand and maintained topic-wise easy and complete access.
  • The app works only with a network connection, it doesn’t work offline.
  • The notes related table, figure, pictures are very helpful to understand the topic.
  • Below the article, related topics are also provided.
  • A detailed description of every topic.

App Features

  • Pharmacy Study Notes Application is an online study course for Pharmacy (B. Pharm, M. Pharm, Diploma, Training, etc)
  • Each Subject contains various Topics, Questions, Descriptions under many Topics/Units/Chapters/Sections.
  • This app covers all the major subjects.
  • It includes Study material, Lecture notes for all major subjects.

Available For:- Android Devices, iPad, iPhone

B Pharm – Syllabus, Notes, Questions Papers & More

B Pharm – Syllabus, Notes, Questions Papers & Mores is designed to help, aid and support the students, graduates, teachers and other regarded personalities related to this profession.

We provide you complete Pharma syllabus (PCI) with syllabus oriented notes and materials, University wise Previous year question papers and much more features that help you to become productive in this profession.

B Pharm – Syllabus, Notes, Questions Papers & More app has been more than 100K+ downloaded from Google Play Store and has 4.2 ratings.

App NameB Pharm – Syllabus, Notes, Questions Papers & More
App IconB Pharm App Icon
Size of App16 MB
App Version2.1.5
Released OnJul 5, 2021
DeveloperDr Pharma
App LinkClick Here To Download

App Highlights

  • User-friendly interface for increased user experience and viability.
  • Enhanced layout for ease of access.
  • Aesthetic appearance for stress-free usage.
  • This app includes Explore options that help to find out all categories very easily.

App Features

  • The search bar feature is helpful to find out any Materials.
  • Complete Pharma syllabus.
  • Syllabus oriented notes and materials.
  • Previous year question papers.
  • Drug interaction checker.
  • Video tab for latest clinical updates.
  • Pharmacological classification of drugs.
  • List of medical & prescription abbreviation.
  • Normal range of all laboratory tests.
  • Common medical conversions.
  • Updated news and articles.
  • Seminar announcements.
  • Instant notifications.

Available For:- Android Devices, iPhone

Pharma Buddy

Pharma Buddy app is your all-in-one pharmacy book and notes information resources accessible anytime, anywhere. This app is specifically developed for the B. Pharm and D. Pharm students.

Students can easily free download pdf books, previous year questions papers, and important notes pdf, and also can participate in MCQ tests to check their knowledge. This app is small in size only 7.35 MB and was developed by Marathi Developers. This app is an open learning platform and is best for every pharmacy student to install and use.

App NamePharma Buddy – Pharmacy Notes, MCQs, Books, Papers
App IconPharma Buddy App Icon
Size of App7.4 MB
App Version6.4
Released OnDec 4, 2021
DeveloperMarathi Developers
App LinkClick Here To Download

App Highlights

  • Very friendly and beautiful interface.
  • Pharmacy (B & D) Related All Study Material In One Application.
  • Notes, Reference Books, MCQs, Question Papers for All Subjects of B.Pharmacy & D.Pharmacy from Best Faculties and Toppers In One App.
  • Online readable books are available.
  • This Study Material aims to remove dictation from Classroom and bind the students and teachers(educators) community worldwide into a single platform where they can Learn, Share and Educate each other.
  • Previous Year B. Pharm and D. Pharm different universities Questions Papers available.
  • Seminar presentations, project reports and much more are planned and might be added soon.
  • Learn Share Educate with us and enjoy the Open Learning Platform.

App Features

  • Beautiful and Attractive design.
  • Search Bar features are helpful to find out any books and notes.
  • Personalised Study Table: Quickly access your favourite notes and subjects directly from the Study Table.
  • Read online books features.
  • Resume your studies directly from where you left last time.
  • If any need any help you can contact us anytime with the developer.
  • Take notes offline, and download all the notes for reading even if the internet is not available.
  • It is an app for pharmacy students.

Available For:- Android Devices, iPad, iPhone

Pharm Hub

Pharm Hub app is another best application for B Pharmacy students as well as D. Pharmacy students. These include the largest collections of books and very useful study material prepared by professors of various colleges.

This app is small in size only 7.2 MB and 50K+ downloads in Google Play Store.

App NamePharm Hub – Study Notes, Books Knowledge
App Icon
Size of App7.2MB
App Version2.1.0
Released OnJan 16, 2015
App LinkClick Here To Download

App Highlights

  • All in one app for pharmacy students, to stay up-to-date with the latest syllabus.
  • Study notes & study material for the B Pharmacy Course of Mumbai University.
  • This is a must-have app for every student and teacher for quick access to the study.
  • Completely online and free to download.
  • View previous year’s question papers.
  • This app includes limited books pdf.
  • Exam Hall tickets can be seen.

App Features

  • This App a user-friendly and beautiful interface.
  • This apps for pharmacy students contains the Latest Syllabus of B. Pharm (for Mumbai University only).
  • Free E-Books for study.
  • Get study notes for subject included in B. Pharm.
  • Subjects notes available in PPT, PDF, Doc.
  • Upload personal study notes to increase the collection of notes.

Available For:- iPod touch, Android Devices

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What is the best app for pharmacy students?

The Top 5 Free Apps For Pharmacy Students most useful in the study and as well as helping good scoring in the examination are
• Drug Dictionary Offline: It is a medical handbook that provides all information about drugs.
• Pharmacy Study Notes:
It is only for pharmacy-related books and notes.
• B Pharm App:
It is a great app for pharmacy students.
• Pharma Buddy:
This app is specifically developed for the B. Pharm and D. Pharm students.
• Pharm Hub:
This app includes the largest collections of books and study material.

What is the best drug guide app?

From drug information with drugs-related patients education to academic study the Top 5 Free Apps For Pharmacy Students are
1. Epocrates 2. Pocket Pharmacists 3. Drugs Dictionary Offline 4. Lexicomp 5. Pharmacy Study Notes 6. Pharma Buddy 7. Merck Manual Professional 8. Netmeds 9. Pharmacy India etc.

Is there an application for pharmacology?

Here is the best application for Pharmacology is
• Epocrates: It provides up-to-date drug information.
• pharmacy: It allows pharmacists to search for drugs and products.
• Drug Dictionary Offline: It is a medical handbook.
• Medscape: It is a comprehensive drug referencing technician app.
• Pharma Buddy: It is an app for B. Pharm, D. Pharm, GPAT students.
• iTriage: It is a quick and effective app.

Which is the best app for medicine?

The best online medicines app for Android devices and iOS are
• PharmEasy: It is a medical app for ordering supplements, personal care products, and medicines.
• Netmeds: It is the most popular app where you will just upload the medication that is recommended for you.
• Medlife: Medlife is popular health care and pharmacy app.
• Practo: It is used for booking doctor appointments for free.

Is there an app for medication interaction?

Micromedex is an app currently use for drug interactions checker. This app is supported on Android devices and iOS. Top 5 free apps for pharmacy students article also helpful to find out the best app for pharmacists.

Who Provide the information contained in the RX Shortages?

Food and Drug Administration(FDA) developed an app FDA Drug Shortage App that makes access to drug Shortages information easier. This app allows the users to identify drug shortages as well as information regarding the discontinuation of drugs.


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