List of Top 10 Best Pharma Companies In India 2022

India is the second-largest populated country globally. Day to day Indian pharma companies are developing and flourishing tremendously. It is difficult to choose the best pharma companies in India. In this article, we are going to share some top 10 best pharma companies details.

The ongoing pandemic, situation recreated an increase in the demand for health care centres with the efficient supply of medicines. Due to which Indian pharma companies trying to give catered to the enormous necessity of the society. So many companies are there that provides the best pharmaceuticals products every time.

Generally, the Indian pharma industry provides better and more effective drugs for the development of therapeutic efficacy to care for health problems. In the International market, Indian pharma companies supply 80% of the antiretroviral medicines. India also provides more than 50% of vaccines and 40% of generic drugs on worldwide demand.

According to the Ministry of chemicals Indian pharmaceutical companies turnover 18 billion US dollars which increase 1% in the next year (2018 – 2019). In the worldwide pharmaceutical market by 2023, the Indian best pharma companies are expected to be worth approximately 35 billion US dollars.

So, if you are seeking the top pharma companies in India in 2022, this article would provide the best results for you.

Why All These Top 10 Pharma Companies are Best

In the early days, to the treatment of various diseases to be used plants and herbal remedies. Pharmaceutical companies have been established to treat the illness of patients continually by their innovative formulations. Here we provide some reasons why all the pharma companies are best for the patients and society.

#1. Global Economy

All over the globe, Pharmaceutical companies increase the economy as well as leading to developing, researching, and bringing new medicines which improve patients health quality. From 2030, Indian pharma companies can be revenue annually around $30-40 billion dollars.

Overall, pharma companies play a central role in health care communities. They provide patients with cure and life savings treatment. Looking ahead by creating more ground-breaking and exciting treatment with firmly established worldwide.

#2. Covid-19 Vaccines Economize

During the pandemic, situation vaccination is a very must need for every people above 18 years old. Vaccine not only saves millions of life’s by preventing disease, but they also save money too. The vaccine is a widely accepted effective public health intervention which is produced by various best uhuh pharma companies.

#3. Life Prospect

Pharmaceutical industry innovation has greatly contributed to increasing the life prospect of men and women. It has been indicated that around 80% life expectancy increase between 2000 to 2009. Thus to the best pharma companies for providing advanced medicines.

#4. Fight to Eradicate Disease

Disease eradication is the ultimate target of every pharma company as this benefits the ecosystem worldwide. Eradication is immensely tough to achieve but pharma companies are fighting continually. To date, WHO stated that smallpox is the first human disease eradicated globally.

#5. Job Opportunities In Industry

Pharmaceutical companies provide lakhs of jobs in whole over India. It is estimated that the US supports around 5 million jobs. In pharma companies, a wide range of work areas is technical support, scientific research, and manufacturing.

Top 10 Best Pharma Companies In India 2022
Best Pharma Companies In India

List of Top Best Pharma Companies In India

Every pharmacy student after completing their Diploma, Bachelor, and Master degree are want to go best pharmaceuticals companies for starting their career. It was very hard to determine which Pharma company is best?

The Pharmacy Study provide you with a lot of information regarding the best pcd pharma companies in India. You may be able to know all the companies core information with the respective link for visiting their official website.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd is the most reputable and trusted biggest Best Pharma Companies In India. It is the best Indian multinational company ranked in the top 10 globally. The company started offering affordable medicines to treat psychiatric patients.

Sun Pharma is the largest best generic pharma companies in worldwide. This company supplies their Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) primarily in India and the United States such as Carbamazepine, Clorazepate, Etodolac, and Warfarin.

Company NameSun Pharmaceuticals
FounderDilip Shanghvi
HeadquatersGoregaon, Mumbai
Company LogoBest Pharma Companies In India Sun Pharma Logo
Number of Employees36000+ Across the Globe
Revenue (INR Crores)33,473 crores INR
Subsidiary Companies NameRanbaxy Laboratories, Sun Pharma Japan Limited,
Official Website

Sun Pharma deals with numerous formulations in therapeutic fields Cardiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Diabetology, Gastroenterology, Anti-cancer Drugs, Steroids, Sex Hormones, and Peptides.

Aurobindo Pharma Limited

Aurobindo Pharma Companies are the development, production, and research unit. The company delivers most of the products worldwide. It is the 2nd biggest public pharmaceutical company and has revenue of approximately 3.5 billion dollars.

The company sells their Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) products in over 150 countries. Aurobindo has 170 experts scientists and analysts leveraging world-class talent. A fully integrated pharma company exports 90% of its revenue from international operations.

Company NameAurobindo Pharma Limited
FoundersP. V. Ramprasad Reddy, K. Nityananda Reddy
Company LogoBest Pharma Companies In India Aurobindo Pharma Logo
Number of Employees2300+
Revenue (INR Crores)23,290 crores INR
SubsidiariesAurobindo Pharma USA, Inc., Eugia Pharma Specialities Limited
Official Website

Aurobindo Pharma Limited deals with the products of Rinoban, Ambroxol, Recipro T, Diclofenac, Dimethicone, Alfazosin, Efavirenz, Autidine, Glimepiride, Brox, Lamivudine, Neivex, Nevirapine, Auronim, and Omeprazole etc.

Cipla Limited

Cipla Limited is the best pharmaceuticals company worldwide committed to providing top-quality generic medicines. The company rely on health care professionals as well as supply of a wide range of medicines mainly focusing on the treatment of cardiovascular disease, Respiratory diseases, Diabetes, Depression, and weight control etc.

Cipla now spread more than 160+ countries due to which the company gets approval from major global regulatory agencies. The company ranked as one of the most sustainable health care companies.

Company NameCipla Limited
CEOUmang Vohra
FounderKhwaja Abdul Hamied
Company LogoBest Pharma Companies In India Cipla Logo
Number of Employees22,036 (2021)
Revenue (INR Crores)17,476.19 crores INR
SubsidiariesInvaGen Pharmaceuticals, Cipla USA Inc., Cipla Health Limited
Official Website

The company deals with the products of Antacid, Anti Allergic, Antibiotic, Anti Asthmatic, Anti Diabetic, Anti Emetic, Anti Fungal, Anti Ulceral, Ayurvedic, Cardiac, Digestive Enzyme, Pain Reliever, Steroids, Topical Analgesics, and Vitamins etc.

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories is Indian greatest multinational pharma company. The company has more than sixty Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) for drug manufacturing, biotechnology products, and critical care. It is the best API pharma company in India.

This is India’s fifth-largest best pharma company. During the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic situation, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories after completing final-stage clinical trials they have produced up to 100 million doses for vaccination.

Company NameDr Reddy’s Laboratories
CEOErez Israeli
FounderKallam Anji Reddy
Company LogoBest Pharma Companies In India Dr Reddy's Logo
Number of Employees2200+
Revenue (INR Crores)17,460 crores INR 
SubsidiariesDr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited, betapharm Arznei mittel GmbH
Official Website

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories deals with some common medicines Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Canagliflozin, Atorvastatin, Ramipril, Nizatidine, and Sodium etc.

Lupin Pharmaceutical Inc

Lupin Pharmaceutical, Inc is a multinational pharma company based in Mumbai and Maharashtra, India. The company is spread around 100 countries and supplies top quality budget-friendly medicines. The total number of R & D centres are seven.

Lupin Limited is involved in the manufacturing and selling of generic medicines and revenue globally. The company also spread across India over worldwide like Japan, Brazil, United States. This company are resilient, responsible and has fifteen global facilities.

Company NameLupin Pharmaceutical Inc
CEOVinita D. Gupta
FounderDesh Bandhu Gupta
Company LogoBest Pharma Companies In India Lupin Pharma Logo
Number of Employees20000+ (2021)
Revenue (INR Crores)15,858.5 crores INR
SubsidiariesPolynova Industries Limited, Novel Laboratories, Inc., Hormosan Pharma GmbH etc.
Official Website

Lupin Pharmaceutical Inc deals with the products of Respiratory, Dermatology, Cardiology, Pain, Gastro-intestinal, Ati Diabetes, Ati TB, Gynaecology, Anti Infective, Vitamins, and Ophthalmology etc.

Zydus Cadila

Zydus Cadila is Indian one of the most prominent and oldest pharma manufacturing companies. Globally this company business is strong and spread over the United States, Europe, South Africa, and America etc.

The company researchers working on distinguished medicines and exploring various innovative ideas and principles of NCEs to vaccines, and particular niche technologies. Zydus make their Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) in India three sites are Ankleshwar plant, Patalganj, and Vadodara plants.

Company NameZydus Cadila
CEOPankaj Patel
FounderRamanbhai Patel
Company LogoBest Pharma Companies In India Zydus Cadila Logo
Number of Employees25000+
Revenue (INR Crores)15,139 crores INR
SubsidiariesZydus Wellness, Zydus Pharmaceuticals USA
Official Website

Zydus Pharmaceutical deals with the products of Antihypertensive, Antipsychotic, Hypersensitivity, Antihistaminic, NSAIDs, Antidepressants, Analgesics, Anti Inflammatory, Antianginal, Antibacterial, and Anticonvulsants.

Torrent Pharmaceutical Ltd

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd is one of the top pharma companies in India. The company has their manufacturing system internationally. Also produce the medicines in therapeutic sectors like Central Nervous System, Women’s Health Care, Pain management, Gastro-intestinal, and Anti Infective sectors.

Torrent pharmaceuticals are the top best manufacturing companies in India.

Company NameTorrent Pharmaceutical Ltd
FounderU. N. Mehta
Parent OrganizationTorrent Group
Company LogoBest Pharma Companies In India Torrent Pharma Logo
Number of Employees13000+
Revenue (INR Crores)U. N. Mehta
SubsidiariesTorrent Pharma Inc, Heumann Pharma GmbH & Co. Generica KG
Official Website

Torrent Pharmaceuticals deals with the products of Anti Diabetic, Anti Microbial, Cardiovascular Therapy, Dermatologic, Gastro-intestinal Therapy, Nephrology, Neuropsychiatric, Oncology, Nutritional, and Pain Therapy.

Alkem Laboratories

Alkem Laboratories is the top pharma company in India based on domestic sales of the drugs. The company ranked as no. one in India as Anti-infective (Taxim) company. It provides top quality branded generic drugs, API’s, Neutraceuticals all over the world.

Company NameAlkem Laboratories
FounderSamprada Singh
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
Company LogoBest Pharma Companies In India Alkem Laboratories Logo
Number of Employees15000+
Revenue (INR Crores)84,485 Crores INR
Key PeopleBasudeo Narayan Singh (Executive Chairman) and
Sandeep Singh (MD)
Official Website

Alkem Pharma deals with the products of Anti-infective, Anti-diabetic, Gastroenterology, Analgesics, Pain Relief, Dermatology, Cardiology, Neurology, Central Nervous System, Minerals, Vitamins & Nutrients.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited

Glenmark Pharma Limited is the eighth largest pharmaceutical company. The company has drugs discovered which play an important do in therapeutic areas. These are the research-based global pharma companies.

Glenmark Pharma companies make prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Emery Market Index for the fourth consecutive year.

Company NameGlenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited
CEOGlenn Mario Saldanha
FounderGracias Saldanha
Company LogoBest Pharma Companies In India Glenmark Pharma Logo
Number of Employees14000+
Revenue (INR Crores)3147.44 Crores INR
Area ServedGlobal
SubsidiariesGlenmark Life Sciences, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Official Website

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited delivers high-quality medicines to patients worldwide. Such as Respiratory, Dermatology, Oncology, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, and oral contraceptives.

Abbott India Ltd

Abbott India is the oldest large top MNC pharma company in India. It is an American medical company as well as a health care firm. The company provides therapeutic branded generic pharmaceutical products.

Company NameAbbott India Ltd
FounderDr. Wallace Calvin Abbott
Company Logo Best Pharma Companies In India Abbott Pharma Logo
Number of Employees110000+
Revenue (INR Crores)1222.06 Crores INR
Area ServedWorldwide
Official Website

Abbott Pharmaceutical deals with the products of Neurology, Diabetes, Pain Management, Gastroenterology, Urology, Anti Infective, Vitamins, Nutrition, Thyroid, and Women health.

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Some FAQs Related to Best Pharma Companies In India

Which is the no. 1 Pharma Companies In India?

Sun Pharmaceuticals is the no. 1 Pharma Companies In India. The company revenue annually is 4.5 billion dollars.

Which Pharma Companies is biggest In India?

By the market capitalisation in the Indian stock exchange Sun Pharma is the biggest company.

Do the Pharma Company added to the list of Pharmaceuticals Franchise and Manufacturing Services?

Indian most of the pharma companies added to the list of Pharmaceuticals Franchise and Manufacturing Services. Sun Pharmaceutical is the best pharma franchise company in India.

What is the turnover of Pharma Companies In India?

According to the Ministry of chemicals and fertilizers, the turnover of Pharma Companies is around 18.12 billion USD. Turnover of the fastest growing pharma company in India is very high.

What are the 3 big Pharma Companies In India?

In India, three big Pharma Companies are 1. Sun Pharmaceuticals, 2. Aurobindo Pharma, 3. Cipla Limited. The ranking of pharma companies in India is continuously varying depending on their annual revenue.

I want to start a Pharmaceutical Companies from where I can get products and what would be the whole process?

Here are some helpful tips for flourishing pharma companies that are
• Research your ground
• Make a secure business plan
• Maintain Regulation and Registration
• Follow the production details
• Distribution and Marketing
• Communicate with honest people

Which Indian Pharma Share is Best to buy?

There are so many companies in between the top 50 pharma companies in India are Sun Pharma, Aurobindo Pharma, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Divi’s Laboratories, Cipla Limited etc.

Which is the most profitable company in India?

Reliance Industries is the most profitable company in India in the financial year of 2021. This is not a pharmaceutical company but ranked in the top 5 pharma companies in India 2022.


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