Best Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf Download Free 2022

Best Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf Download B Pharmacy Course. Pharmaceutics 1st Semester Notes Pdf includes most important topics such as Dosage Forms, Powders, Liquid Dosage Forms, Emulsion, Suspension and Suppositories etc.

Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf Download 2022 is free for B Pharmacy and D Pharmacy Students from below the table. All study notes contains very good content with Pharmaceutics 1 Lecture Notes.

Here we provide B Pharmacy 1st Semester Notes Pdf Free Download link. Just click on the topic name and go through it. These all the notes are very helpful for your Viva-voce, Internal exam, University examinations, and Interview also.

Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf Download B Pharmacy

Pharmaceutics 1 is the B Pharmacy 1st Semester mandatory subject. In Books, all the things aren’t understandable. Don’t worry about that from below Pharmaceutics Notes Pdf you can understand all the topics or chapters easily.

Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf Download in the Hindi language also provided which includes Posology, Pharmaceutical Calculations, and Semi-solid Dosage Forms. Here we broadly discuss Pharmaceutics Notes for B Pharm 1.

From below between various topics select the topics name and Click on the Topic or Chapter name for Download Pdf or Read online. We provide all the topics DSBM Notes pdf free access to Download.

Best Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf Download B Pharmacy Free
Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf Download B Pharmacy

Select Topic Name For Free Download Pharmaceutics 1 Notes

B Pharmacy 1st Year Notes Pdf Download from below. You select the topics and download notes in Pdf format. This is the Best Pharmaceutics 1 Exam Notes. Every topic’s short description Indicates that the contents are included in the Pdf file.

Pharmaceutics 1 Unit I Pdf of Notes having Historical Background of Pharmacy, Pharmacopoeias, Posology, Prescription, and Calculations of Doses etc. We also provide B Pharmacy Handwritten Notes.

Historical Background of Pharmacy Profession

Definition, Prehistoric Medicine links to Spirit World, Separation of pharmacy and medicine, History of pharmacy profession in India, Ancient Pharmacy Profession, Pre-independence Pharmacy Profession.

Pharmaceutical Education, D Pharm Program, B Pharm Program, M Pharm Program, Pharm D Program, Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.
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Pharmacopoeias Notes

Pharmacopoeia/ Formularies/ Compendia, Classification, Official Compendia, Non-official Compendia, Indian Pharmacopoeia; History, The Indian Pharmacopoeial List 1946, Various Official Publications Related to Pharmacy Profession in India.

National Formulary In India, The Indian Pharmacopoeia, The British Pharmacopoeia (BP), British Pharmaceutical Codex (BPC), The United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), Extra Pharmacopoeia, The Mark Index, The International Pharmacopoeia.
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Posology Notes

Introduction, Factors Affecting the Dose, Calculation of Dosage, According to Age; Young’s Formula, Cowling’s Formula, Fried’s Formula, Bastedo’s Formula, Dilling’s Formula, Gaubin’s Chart, According to Body Weight; Clark’s formula, According to Body Surface, Percentage Method.
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Calculation of Doses

Dose Definitions, Doses, General Dose Calculation, Example calculations of the Size of a Dose, Example calculations of the Total Quantity of Product, Drug Dosage Based on Age, Special Consideration in Dose determination for Elderly Patients, Drug Dosage Based on Body Weight, Drug Dosage Based on Body Surface Area, BSA equation.
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Dosage Forms and Their Definition

Definition, Need for convert drug to dosage forms, Need for the different dosage form of the same drug, Desirable properties of dosage form: Should, Classification Based on Physical state, Route of Administration, Site of Application, Uses, Definitions: Solid dosage Forms, Definitions: Liquid dosage Forms, Definitions: Semisolid dosage forms, Definitions: Gaseous dosage Forms.
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Prescription Notes

Introduction, Components of Prescriptions, Types of prescription, Label on the Container, Common Latin Terms and Abbreviations, Prescription Problems, Errors and Omission, Selected Abbreviations.
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Pharmaceutical Calculations, Isotonic Solution, Powders, Liquid Dosage Forms, and Solubility Enhancement Techniques are the most important topics of Unit II Pharmaceutics Pdf.

Pharmaceutical Calculations

Introduction, Imperial System, Avoirdupois System, apothecaries System, Conversion Table from apothecaries to Avoirdupios, Metric System, Measurement of Weight in Metric System, Conversion Table from Higher to Lower, Measurement of capacity in Metric System, Conversion Table for Domestic Measure, Calculation Based on Density.
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Imperial and Metric System

Imperial System, Avoirdupois System, apothecaries System, Conversion Table from apothecaries to Avoirdupios, Metric System, Measurement of Weight in Metric System, Conversion Table from Higher to Lower, Measurement of capacity in Metric System, Conversion Table for Domestic Measure.
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Isotonic Solution

Isotonic Solutions, Adjustment of isotonicity, freezing Point Method or Cryoscopic Method, NaCl Equivalent Method, White Vincent Method, Molecular Concentration.
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Proof Spirit Calculations

Introduction, Example Problems for Proof Spirit Calculations, Proof Spirit Strength, Value of Proof Spirit Problems.
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Alligation Methods

Allegation Method Introduction, Required Percentage, Example Problems for Allegation Method.
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Alcoholic Dilution

Definition, an example of Problem for Alcoholic Dilution.
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Powder Notes

Introduction, Advantages, Disadvantages, Classification of Powders, Bulk powder for Internal Use, Bulk For External Use, Dusting Powders, Insufflation, Dentrifices (Tooth Powder, Sample and Compound Powders, Powders Enclosed In Chets, Tablets Triturates, Preparation of Powders, Mixing Of Powders, Method of Powder Mixing, Powder Packaging.
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Dusting Powders

Introduction, Medical Dusting Powders, Surgical Dusting Powders, Dusting Powders Preparation.
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Effervescent Powders

Definition, Examples, Uses, Formulation, Effervescent Granules Definition, Wet Method, Dry Method.
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Efflorescent Powder

Definition, Example, Problems, Solutions.
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Eutectic Mixtures

Definition, Example, Problem Solutions, Application of Eutectic Mixtures in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
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Geometric Dilution

Introduction, Methods of Geometric Dilution, Two Powders (Standard), Powder in Ointment, Liquid Aliquot Method, Radar Geometric Dilution.
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Liquid Dosage Forms

Introduction, Advantages of Liquid Dosage Forms, Disadvantages of Liquid Dosage Forms, Administration of LDF, Types of LDF, Some Familiar Pdf, Syrups, Elixir, Tincture, Otic Preparations, Suspensions, Emulsions, Liniment, Infusions and Decoctions, Collodion, Additives Used in LDF, Example of Additives.
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Excipients Used in Liquid Dosage Forms

Sweetening Agents, Viscosity Controlling Agents, Buffers, Antioxidants, Flavours, Preservatives, Some Pharmaceutically Used Preservatives.
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Solubility Enhancement Techniques

Introduction, Pharmaceutical Approach, pH Adjustments, Cosolvency, Complexation, Surface Active Agents, Hydrotropism, Micronization, Solid Solutions, Chemical Modifications, Stability.
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B Pharmacy 1st Year Pharmaceutics Notes Pdf Unit III having most important chapters are Monophasic Liquids, Biphasic Liquids, Suspension, Emulsions, and Emulsifying Agents.

Monophasic Liquids

Introduction, Classifications of Monophasic Liquid, Formulations Considerations, Manufacturing Considerations, Recent Advance in Monophasic Liquids, Recent Approach in Monophasic Liquid, Pharmaceutical Elegance, Conclusions.
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Biphasic Liquids

Definitions, About Biphasic Liquid Dosage Forms, Types of Liquid Dosage Forms, Suspensions, physical Features of the Dispersed phase of a Suspension, Dispersion Medium, Emulsions, Classification of Emulsions, General Types of pharmaceutical Emulsions, Theories of Emulsification.
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Suspension Notes

Definitions, Advantages, Types of Suspension, Flocculated and Deflocculated System, Factors Affecting the Stability of Suspensions, Formulations of Suspensions, Wetting of particles, Controlled Flocculation, Flocculation in Structured Vehicle, Preparation of Suspensions, Rheologic Consideration, Evaluation of Suspension Stability.
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Flocculated and Deflocculated Suspension

The Sedimentation Behaviour of Flocculated and Deflocculated Suspension, Flocculated Suspension, Deflocculated Suspension, Flocculating Agents, Methods of Floccules Formation.
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Emulsion Notes

Definitions, Types of Emulsions, Advantages of Multiple Emulsions, Determination of the Emulsion Types, Formulations of Emulsions, Classification of Surface Active Agents, Preparation, Equipment, Stability of Emulsions, Evaluation of Emulsions.
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Emulsifying Agents

Definitions, Pharmaceutically Acceptable Emulsifiers, Theory of Emulsification, Determination of Emulsions Type, Classification of Emulsifying Agents, Natural Emulsifying Agents from Natural Sources, Natural Emulsifying Agents from Animal Sources, Synthetic Emulsifying Agents or Surfactants, Inorganic Emulsifying Agents, HLB Scale (Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance).
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Suppositories, Displacement Value, Pharmaceutical Incompatibilities are B Pharm Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf Download from below just click on Download Now button.

Suppositories Notes

Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages, Types of Suppositories, Newer Concepts of Suppositories, Tablet Suppositories, Layered Suppositories, Coated Suppositories, Capsule Suppositories, Suppositories Bases, Ideal properties of Bases, Types of Suppositories Bases, Method Of Preparation, Displacement Value, Packaging and Storage, Evaluation of Suppositories.
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Displacement value

Definition, Determination of Displacement Value.
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Pharmaceutical Incompatabilities

Definition, Ways of Detecting Incompatibility, Importance of Determining Incompatibility, Types of Incompatibility, Physical Incompatibility, Chemical Incompatibility, Therapeutic Incompatibility.
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Semi-solid Dosage Forms related to Best Pharmaceutics 1 Handwritten Notes For Free are available below. This Pharmacy Notes Pdf Download just one click.

Semi-solid Dosage Forms

Basic Introduction, Ideal Properties, Ointments, Creams, Pastes, Gels/Jelly, Types of Gel Phases, Formulations of Semi-solid, Classification of Bases, Methods of Preparation, Equipment used for Mixing of Phases, Storage of Semi-solid, Transfer of Materials for Packaging.
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Excipients Used in Semi-solid Dosage Forms

Different Semi-solid Dosage Forms Properties, Ointment, Ideal Properties of Base, Classification of Base, Gelling Agents.
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Best Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf Download B Pharmacy Free
Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf Download B Pharmacy

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Pharmaceutics 1 is the most important mandatory subject for B Pharmacy 1st Semester Students. Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf is helpful for students who don’t understand all the topics in the book. This Pharmacy notes pdf helps them a lot.

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Pharmaceutics deals with the process of turning a new chemical entity or drug into a medication to be used safely and effectively by the patients. We provide free access to Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf Download.

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Pharmaceutics Notes for B Pharm 1 pdf are very supportive for the first semester students. These will help them to get good marks in their internal and university examination. Download Pharmaceutics 1 Handwritten Notes for B Pharma 1st year Students.

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All the handwritten Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf Download B Pharmacy are available here. We provide Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf free access to download. You can download just click on Download Now button.

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