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Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes focuses on the Acid-Base Buffers, Gastrointestinal agents and Radioactivity. Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes Pdf 1st Year B Pharmacy and D Pharmacy students can free to download.

Here we provide Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Sem 1 Notes Pdf Free Download. Just click on the Topic name and go through it. These all the notes are very helpful for your Viva-voce, Internal exam, University examinations, and Interview also.

Here we provide B Pharmacy 1st Semester Notes Pdf Download link. Just click on the topic name and go through it. These all the notes are very helpful for your Viva-voce, Internal exam, University examinations, and Interview also.

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes Pdf

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes is the B Pharmacy 1st Semester mandatory subject. In Books, all the things aren’t understandable. Don’t worry about that from below Pharmaceutical Notes Pdf you can understand all the topics or chapters easily.

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes Pdf provide information on Pharmaceutical Impurities, Limit test, and Gastrointestinal agents. Here we broadly discuss Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes Pdf 1st Year Pharm D.

From below between various topics select the topics name and Click on the Topic or Chapter name for Download Pdf or Read online. We provide all the topics notes pdf free access to download.

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Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Lecture Notes Pdf are below. You select the topics and download notes in Pdf format. This is the Best Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry Notes. Every topic’s short description Indicates that the contents are included in the Pdf.

Best Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes Pdf Download
Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Unit 1 Notes Pdf has Impurities in Pharmaceutical Substances, Limit Test and General Methods of Preparation etc. We also provide B Pharmacy Handwritten Notes.

Impurities in Pharmaceutical Substances

Introduction, Sources of Impurities, Raw Materials, Method of Manufacture, Manufacturing Hazards, Instability of the Products.
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Limit Tests Notes

Introduction, Limit test for chlorides, Limit test for sulphates, Limit test for Iron, Limit test for Heavy metals, Limit test for Lead, Limit test for Arsenic, Modified Limit test for chlorides, Modified Limit test for sulphates.
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Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes Pdf 1st Year Unit 2 have the most important topics Acid-Base and Buffers. Another one is that the Dental Products in Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes Pdf is very helpful.

Acid base and buffer in pharmaceutical inorganic chemistry notes are segmented into different parts which may help you most in your semester exam.

Buffers Notes

Introduction, Acid and Bases, Buffers, Mechanism of Buffer Action, and Buffering Capacity.
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Buffer Equation

Henderson Equation, pH of a Buffer, Acidic Buffer, Basic Buffer.
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Buffer Capacity and Action

Definition, Types of Buffer, Buffer Action, Mechanism of Action of Basic Buffers, Buffer Equation, Henderson Hasselbalch Equation, Buffer Capacity, and Application of Buffers.
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Buffered Isotonic Solution

Introduction, Isotonic, Hypertonic, Hypotonic, Isotonic Solution, Tonicity, Measurements of Tonicity, Methods of Adjusting Tonicity and pH.
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Major Extra and Intra Cellular Electrolyte

Introduction, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Phosphate, Replacement Therapy, Biological Acid-Base Balance, Factors Affecting the pH of the extracellular fluids, Types and Causes of Acidosis.
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Dental Products Notes

Tooth, Dental Products, Anticaries Agents, Cleaning agents or Dentrifices, Polishing Agents, Desensitising Agents, Role of Fluoride, Cement and Fillers, Zinc Oxide Eugenol.
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Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS)

Introduction, What Is diarrhoea, Pathophysiology of diarrhoea, Ion exchange in Intestine, Physiological basis of using ORT in diarrhoea, Oral Rehydration Therapy, Principles and Types.
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B Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes Pdf 1st Year Unit 3 having most important chapters are Gastrointestinal Agents which includes Acidifying agents or Acidifiers, Antacid, Cathartics and Antimicrobial agents etc.

Gastrointestinal Agents

Acidifying or Acidifiers, Antacid, Cathartics, Antimicrobial Agents, Iodine, Astringent, Monographs.
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Acidifiers Notes

Classification of Acidifying agents or Acidifiers, Hyperchlorhydria or Hyperactivity, Hypochlorhydria.
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Antacid Notes

Introduction, Classification, Ideal Properties, Aluminium Hydroxide Gel, Milk of Magnesia, Combination Antacid Preparation.
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Cathartics Notes

Definition, Purgatives, Laxatives, Schematic diagram of Cathartics, Magnesium Sulphate.
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Antimicrobial Agents

Antiseptics, Disinfectants, Germicide, Bacteriostatic, Sanitizer, Mechanism of Action, Example, Characteristics, Iodine.
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Unit 4 Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes includes Expectorants, Emetics, Haematinics, Astringents, Poison and Antidote which can be Downloaded below just click on the link.

Expectorants Notes

Introduction, Classification, Sedative Expectorants, Stimulant Expectorants.
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Emetics Notes

Introduction, Mechanism of Action, Cerebral Centre Affecting Vomiting, Uses of Emetics, Natural Emetics When Emetics Should not use?
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Haematinics Notes

Hematinic, Iron, Anemia, Dietary Source, Iron Rich Food, Distribution of Iron in Body, Inorganic Haematinics.
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Poison and Antidote

Poison and Antidote definition, Classification of Antidote, Physiological, Mechanical and Chemical Antidote, Inorganic Antidote.
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Astringents Notes

Astringents Introduction, Uses of Astringents, Inorganic Astringents.
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Radiopharmaceutical, Radioactivity and Radioisotopes are the most important Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes 1st Year Unit 5. This Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry SlideShare Notes Pdf Download just one click from the below link.

Radiopharmaceutical Notes

Introduction, Radioactivity, Radioisotopes.
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Radioactivity Notes

Introduction, Alpha decay, Beta decay, Gamma decay, Half-life and Rate of decay, Radioactive dating, Half-life and Kinetic energy, Detection of Radiation.
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Radioisotopes Notes

Definitions, The Atom, Isotopes of Hydrogen, Isotopes of Carbon, How to Radioisotopes occurs, Properties of Radioactive Isotopes, Therapeutic uses of Radioisotopes.
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Some FAQs Related to Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Notes

What is Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry?

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry deals with the method of preparation, physical or chemical properties of the compounds, assay methods and uses of inorganic agents like the acids, bases, buffer, water, antioxidants etc.

Are Pharmaceuticals Inorganic?

Inorganic chemistry is the study of elements and their compounds, except carbon and its compounds which are studied under Organic chemistry. However, the distinction between organic and inorganic are not absolute, and there is so much overlap.

What is the Syllabus of Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry?

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry subjects are mandatory in the B Pharmacy 1st Semester. The Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Syllabus and the notes provided below are helpful to cover the subjects and all the topics easily.

What are Seeding agents in Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry?

The seeding agents in pharmaceutical inorganic chemistry can be defined as the chemicals used in agriculture, horticulture and forestry. In particular plant fortifiers, Seed treatment preparations, Plant growth regulating preparations, Wetting agents, and Natural chemical substances to enhance sexual attraction or confuse the insects.

Why do we use previously dried components in Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry?

Drying is used to make the material easy or more suitable for handling and processing the manufacturing. In the manufacturing process of bulk drugs for large-scale production of synthetic drugs, drying is essential to get free-flowing materials. Examples are dried aluminium hydroxide gel, spray-dried lactose, etc.

Who invented the limit test in Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry?

The limit test apparatus was designed by Arthur Casagrande in the 1930s based on the procedure developed by Albert Atterberg.

Difference between light kaolin and heavy kaolin in Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry?

Mostly, In Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry the light kaolin with a particle size of less than 10 μ is used in pharmaceutical preparations. Heavy kaolin with a particle size up to 60 μ is only used in the preparation of kaolin poultices.

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