Remedial Biology Notes Pdf Free Download 2022

Remedial Biology is the optional subject for B Pharmacy 1st Semester students. Remedial Biology Notes Pdf is helpful to understand all chapters easily with favourable for good scoring in exams.

Here we provide Remedial Biology Syllabus wise notes pdf for free download. Just click on the Topic name and go through it. These all the notes are very helpful for your Viva-voce and Internal exam.

The exam is conducted by the respective college authority and provides every student passable marks based on scoring in internal exams as well as class tests, University doesn’t take this exam.

Remedial Biology Notes Pdf Download Free

Remedial Biology for 1st year notes with answers is the only source from there you get all the remedial biology study material together.

B Pharmacy 1st Semester Examination Remedial Biology has some most important chapters which already been read in higher secondary. Remedial Biology has theory as well as practical classes.

From below between various topics select the topics name and click on the Topic or Chapter name for Download Pdf or Read online. We provide one stop biology notes pdf free access to Download.

Select Topic For Rem Bio Notes Pdf 2022

Remedial Biology for notes pdf you can download select the topics from below. You select the topics and download notes freely. Here we provide the remedial biology Slideshare in pdf format.

Remedial Biology Notes Pdf Free Download
Remedial Biology Notes Pdf

Remedial Biology Notes Pdf having Diversity in Living World, Binomial Nomenclature, Five Kingdom Classification, and Morphology of Flowering Plants. Just choose your desirable notes pdf and click on the link.

Diversity in Living World

The living world, What is the living world, Diversity in the living world, Taxonomic categories, Summary, Exercise.
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Binomial Nomenclature

Introduction, Common names, Scientific name, Types of scientific names, International code of nomenclature for algae, fungi and plants, Standard rank denoting transmission of some principal ranks.
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Five Kingdom Classification

System of classification, Two kingdom classification, Five Kingdom Classification, Classification of Monera on habitat, Plant kingdom, Animal classification.
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Morphology of Flowering Plants

Definition, Types of systems, Types of leaf, Types of phyllotaxy, Floral diagram, Summary, Exercise questions.
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Remedial Mathematics notes pdf unit having most significant chapters like Body fluids and circulation, Human heart, Cardiac cycle, Cardiac output, and ECG. In the exam, most of the questions are asked from these sections.

Body Fluids and Circulation

Extracellular fluids, Intracellular fluids, Fluid compartment, Criteria for a suitable dye, Disorder of water balance, Regulations of ECF volumes.
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Lymph Notes

Lymph, Lymphatic vessels, Lymphatic ducts, Lymph Circulation, Lymph Nodes, Disorders of the lymphatic system.
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Human Circulatory System

Organs of Circulatory System, Blood, Blood Vessels, Heart, Lymphatic system, Blood coagulation or clotting.
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Human Heart

Heart introduction, How the heart works, The right side of the heart, The left side of the heart.
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Cardiac Cycle

Cardiac cycle definitions, Systole, Diastole, Isovolumic contraction, Atrial systole, ECG, heart sounds.
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Cardiac Output

Factors on cardiac output, Cardiac output, Left ventricular volumes, Methods of Cardiac Output measurements, Pressure in the CVS, Indicator dilution curve, and Cardiac output in various conditions.
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Electrocardiogram (ECG)

ECG introduction, The electricity of the heart, Shortcomings of ECG, ECG pattern, Lead system, PR interval, QT interval, Nursing implications.
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Human Digestive System

Introduction, Functions of Digestive System, Layers of GI Tract, Parts of Digestive System, Mouth, Salivary gland, Tongue, Teeth, Pharynx, Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Liver and Gall bladder, Disorders of Digestive System.
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Human Respiratory System

General Functions of Respiratory System, Principal Organs of Respiratory System, Nose, Pharynx, Larynx, Trachea, Primary bronchi, Lungs.
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Excretory Products and their elimination, Neural control and coordination, and Human reproduction are the most important chapters for clearing the basic concepts of BP106RBT Remedial Biology.

Excretory Products and Their Elimination

Types of animals based on excretory products, Ammonotelic Animals, Uricotelic Animals, Ureotelic Animals, Excretory organs in different animal groups, Different types of kidneys in vertebrates, Functions of kidneys, and Nephrons.
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Neural Control and Coordination

Objectives, Nervous System, Functions of the nervous system, Nerve impulse, Central Nervous System, Brain and Spinal Cord, Peripheral Nervous System, Reflex action and Reflex Arc, Sense Organ.
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Chemical Coordination and Regulations

Functions of Endocrine System, Chemical Signals, Hormones, Endocrine glands and their hormones, Pituitary glands, Parathyroid glands, Thyroid glands, Adrenal glands, Pancreas, and Thymus glands.
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Human Reproduction

The function of Reproductive System, Anatomy of Male Reproductive System, Anatomy of Female Reproductive System, Physiology of Male and Female Reproductive System, Birth Control Methods, Disorder of Reproductive System.
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Remedial Mathematics unit 4 comprises Plant’s mineral nutrients and Photosynthesis which are the most important chapters. Click on the link below and download it freely which will give you better concepts.

Plant and Mineral Nutrition

Objectives, What is Mineral Nutrition, Methods of determining the requirements of mineral nutrients, Essential mineral elements, Symptoms of mineral deficiency in plants, Mode of nutrition.
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Photosynthesis Notes

Objectives, Introduction, Photosynthetic pigments, Role of sunlight in photosynthesis, Photochemical and Biochemical phase, Biosynthetic pathway (Dark Reactions), Factors affecting rate of photosynthesis, Chemiosmotic synthesis.
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Remedial bio unit 5 pdf having Plants respiration, Plant growth and development, Cell, and Tissue. The Remedial Biology Notes Pdf Free download link given below from you can download and explore. Easy and understandable notes are the only source to give a complete idea which are available below.

Plant Respiration

Objectives, Respiration Introduction, External respiration or Gaseous respiratory, Cellular respiration, Rate of respiration and factors affecting it, Photorespiration, Pentose phosphate pathway or HMP pathway.
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Plant Growth and Development

Objectives, Growth and Development, Stages of cellular growth, Growth curve, Measurements of growth, Factors affecting plants growth, Practicals of growth regulators, Dormancy and germination of seeds, Photoperiodism.
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Cell- The Unit of Life

What is a cell, Cell theory, Cell structure and function, Description of cell contents, Non-living cell inclusion, and Difference between plant and animal?
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Tissue Notes

Tissue definitions, Germinal layers, Cell Junctions, Epithelial Tissue, Glandular Epithelium, Connective Tissue Cells, Synovial Membranes, Tissue Repair.
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Some FAQs Related to Remedial Biology Notes Pdf

What does Remedial mean Biology?

Remedial Biology is the B Pharmacy 1st Semester optional subject. Remedial means (Biology) which should be offered to the students who are admitted through ICAR and have not studied biology in the 10+2 exams or intermediate programme and shall be offered in the 1st semester.

What is remedial biology in a B Pharmacy course?

As you know Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics students can opt for the B Pharmacy course. So Pharmacy Council Of India introduced two subjects Remedial Biology and Remedial Mathematics. Both are optional subjects. This subject is intended for students with PCM backgrounds so that their basic biology concepts will be cleared. These subjects have fewer credits and are only for 1st semester.

Is Mathematics compulsory for B Pharmacy?

If you want to do b pharmacy then mathematics is not required and not a compulsory subject. Students who did not have the mathematics of 10+2 exams will have to read this subject in the first semester to clear the basic concept.

Can I do B Pharma without bio?

Yes, without biology if you have Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics then you will be also eligible to do the b pharma course. Biology is not a compulsory subject for taking admission to the B. Pharmacy course.

Is PCB necessary for B Pharmacy Course?

No, You can take up the b pharmacy course without PCB group, as the b. pharm is a multidisciplinary course.

Which is best Remedial Math or Remedial Biology?

Both Remedial Biology and Remedial Mathematics are optional subjects. A student who has not studied higher secondary examination will have to take that subject to clear the basic concept of the first semester. Remedial Mathematics has only theory portions But rem bio has both theory and practical.

How many semesters are there in Remedial Biology?

Remedial Biology is an optional subject only for the first semester of the b pharm. This subject includes both theoretical and practical.

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Here we provide all the Remedial Biology Notes Pdf with unit-wise free access to Download. If you are a B Pharmacy student or NEET aspirant then above all the notes are very helpful for you.

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