B Pharm 8th Semester New Syllabus PDF Free Download Online Read

B Pharm 8th Semester New Syllabus 2022 includes both theoretical subjects as well as practical classes. Here we provide the latest Bachelor Of Pharmacy Syllabus & Subjects as mentioned by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI).

From this B Pharmacy PCI Syllabus Pdf additionally, you will get exact PT or Subjects Code for every subject of theory as well as practical. You can read the Syllabus for B Pharmacy AICTE or download it in PDF format given below the link. We also provide the B Pharm 3rd year Syllabus 2022 below.

Topic NameSyllabus Pdf
B Pharm 8th Semester New SyllabusClick Here To Download

B Pharm 8th Semester New Syllabus Pdf

B Pharm 8th Semester new syllabus of Fourth-Year latest AICTE approved PCI syllabus are given below which is also the same as MAKAUT B Pharm 8th Semester New Syllabus. The eighth semester includes a total of five subjects which all are mandatory.

B Pharm 8th Semester New Syllabus Pdf Free Download and Online Read
B Pharm 8th Semester New Syllabus

Biostatistics and Research Methodology Syllabus

B Pharm 8th Semester New Syllabus of Biostatistics and Research Methodology is the most important subject. Most of the students don’t know what are the subjects in B Pharmacy 4th year eighth semester?

Here we provide the new Biostatistics and Research Methodology subjects bachelor of pharmacy (B Pharmacy) syllabus pdf. This syllabus is the same as with the b.pharm 8th Sem syllabus PCI (Pharmacy Council of India) provided syllabus.

Theory (PT- 817)


• Introduction: Statistics, Biostatistics, and Frequency distribution.

• Measures of dispersion: Dispersion measure, Range, Standard deviation, Various pharmaceutical problems.

• Measure of Central Tendency: Pharmaceutical examples, Mean, Median.

• Correlation: Definitions of Correlations, Karl Pearson’s coefficient, Multiple correlations – Pharmaceutical examples.


• Regression: Curve fitting by the method of least squares, Fitting the line of the equation y=a+bx and x=a+by, Multiple regression, Standard regression error – Pharmaceutical examples.

• Probability: Definitions, Normal distribution, Binomial distribution, Poison’s distribution, properties and problems, Sampling, Large sample, Small sample, Population, Null hypothesis, Alternative hypothesis, Essence of sampling, Types of sampling, Standard Error of Mean, Error-I type and Error-II type – Pharmaceutical examples.

• Parametric test: t-test (Sample, Pooled, Paired and Unpaired), ANOVA, Least significance difference, One way and Two way.


• Non Parametric tests: Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test, Kruskal-Wallis test, Mann-Whitney U test, Friedman test.

• Introduction to the Research: Need for Research, Need for the design of the Experiments, Drug techniques experiments, and Plagiarism.

• Graphs: Histogram, Cubic graph, Pie chart, Response surface plot, and Counter plot graph.

• Designing the methodology: Determination of sample size and power study, Report writing and presentation of the data, Cohorts studies, Protocol, Observational studies, Designing clinical trials, Experimental studies, and Various phases.


The blocking and confounding systems for two-level factorials.

• Regression modelling: Hypothesis testing in the simple and the multiple regression models.

• Introduction to practical components of Industrial and Clinical trials problems: Statistical analysis using the tool excels, MINITAB, SPSS, Design of the experiment, R- online Statistical software and the clinical trial approach.


• Design and Analysis of Experiments: Design and Analysis

• Factorial Design: Definitions of Factorial design, 22, 23 design, Advantages of the factorial design.

• Response Surface Methodology: Central composite design, Optimization techniques, Historical design.

Social and Preventive Pharmacy Syllabus

Social and Preventive Pharmacy is the other most important subject which syllabus described are in below. B Pharm 8th Semester New Syllabus can read online here or b.pharm 8th Sem Syllabus Pdf can download above-given link. This syllabus is the same as with the and B Pharmacy 8th Semester Syllabus.

Theory (PT- 818)


• Concept of health and disease: Definitions and Concepts of public health, Understanding of the concept of prevention and control of disease, Social causes and Social problems of the sick.

• Social and health education: Food in relation to nutrition and of the health, Nutritional deficiency, Vitamin deficiency, Balanced diet, Malnutrition and it’s prevention.

• Sociology and health: Sociology cultural factors related to health and disease, Impact of urbanization on health and disease, Health and Poverty.

• Hygiene and health: Personal hygiene, Health care, and Avoidable habits.


• Preventive Medicines: General principles of the prevention and control of diseases like Cholera, SARS, Influenza, Ebola virus, Acute respiratory Infections, Malaria, Dengue, Chicken guinea, Lymphatic filariasis, pneumonia, Diabetes mellitus, Cancer, Hypertension, Drug Addiction and Drug Substance abuse.


• National health programs, it’s objectives, functioning and outcome of the following: HIV and AIDS disease control program, Integrated disease surveillance program (IDSP), TB, National leprosy control program, National health program, Universal immunization program, National program for the prevention and control of the deafness, National program for the control of the blindness, Pulse polio program.


National health intervention program for mother and child, National tobacco control program, National Malarial prevention program, National family welfare program, National program for elderly health care, Social health care program, and Role of World Health Organization (WHO) in Indian National program.


Community services in rural and urban school health, Function of the PHC, Improvement in rural sanitation, Improvement in rural sanitation, National urban health mission, Health promotion, and Education in school.

Pharma Marketing Management Syllabus

Pharma Marketing Management is the most important subject which syllabus described are in below. B Pharm 8th Semester New Syllabus can be read online here or Rgpv B Pharmacy 8th Semester Syllabus Pdf can download the above-given link. This syllabus is the same as with makaut B Pharm syllabus 2020.

Theory (PT- 810A)


• Marketing: Definitions of Marketing, Concepts and Scope of marketing, Difference Between Marketing and Selling, Industry and competitive analysis, Analysis of consumer buying behaviour, and Industrial buying behaviour.

• Pharmaceutical Market: Quantitative and qualitative aspects, Composition and size of the market, Demographic design and socio-psychological characteristics of the consumer, Targetting and Marketing segmentation, Consumer profile, Motivational and prescribing habits of the physician, patients choice of physician, Retail Pharmacists, Analysis the market, Role of the market research.


• Product Decision

Classification of Product decisions, product line and product mix decisions, Product portfolio analysis, Product life cycle, Product positioning, New product decisions, Product branding, Packaging and labelling decisions, Product management in the Pharmaceutical industry.


• Promotion:

Methods of promotion, Determinants of the promotional mix, Promotional budget, An overview of personal selling, Advertising, Journals, Direct mail, Sampling, Retailing, Public relations, Medical exhibition, Online promotional techniques for the OTC products.


• Pharmaceutical Marketing Channels:

Designing of the channel, Channel members, Select the proper channel, Confliction in channels, physical distribution management, Strategic importance, Tasks in the physical distribution management.

• Professional Sales Representative (PSR)

Duties of the PSR, Purpose of the detailing, Training and Selection, Supervising, Norms for the customer calls, Evaluating, Motivating, Compensation, and Future Prospects of the PSR.


• Pricing:

Objectives, Meaning and Importance, Determinants of the price, Pricing methods and strategies, Issues in price management in the pharma industry, An overview of Drug Price Control Order (DPCO), and National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA).

• Emerging Concepts in Marketing

Horizontal and Vertical Marketing, Rural Marketing, Industrial Marketing, Consumerism, Global Marketing.

Practical (PT- 900A)

Computer Aided Drug Design Syllabus

Computer-Aided Drug Design is another important subject which syllabus described are in below. B Pharm 8th Semester New Syllabus can be read online here or B Pharm 8th Semester Syllabus AKTU Pdf can download the above-given link. This syllabus is the same as with the b.pharm 8th sem syllabus makaut.

Theory (PT- 810B)


• Introducing to Drug Discovery and Development: Stages of the drug discovery and the development.

• Lead Discovery and Analog Based Drug Design: Rational approaches to the lead discovery based on the traditional medicine, Random Non-ransom screening, Serendipitous drug discovery, Lead discovery based on the drug metabolism, drug discovery based on the clinical observations.

• Analog Based on the Drug Design: Bioisosterism, Bioisosteric replacement, Classification, and Any three case studies.


• Quantitative SAR (Structure Activity Relationship)

SAR versus QSAR, History and Development of the QSAR, Types of the physicochemical parameters, Theoretical and experimental approaches for the determination of the physicochemical parameters like Partition Coefficient, Hammet’s substituents constant, Taft’s steric constant, Free Wilson analysis, Hansch analysis, 3D-QSAR approaches like COMPTIA and COMFA.


• Molecular Modeling and Virtual Screening Techniques

• Virtual Screening techniques: Drug likeness screening, Pharmacophore concepts mapping and Pharmacophore based screening.

• Molecular Docking: Rigid docking, Manual docking, Flexible docking, Docking based screening, and De novo drug design.


• Informatics and Methods in Drug Design

Introduction to the Bioinformatics, ADME database, Chemoinformatics, Biochemical, and Pharmaceutical database.


• Molecular Modeling

Introduction to the Molecular mechanisms, and Quantum mechanics, Methods of Energy Minimization and Conformational analysis, Global Conformational of minima determination.

Practical (PT- 900B)

Advanced Instrumentation Techniques Syllabus

B Pharm 8th Semester New Syllabus of Advanced Instrumentation Techniques is most important. Most of the students don’t know what are the Rules and Syllabus for B Pharm?

Here we provide the new Advanced Instrumentation Techniques subjects bachelor of pharmacy (B Pharmacy) syllabus pdf. This syllabus is the same as with the PCI Syllabus b.pharm 2022-23 provided syllabus.

Theory (PT- 810C)


• Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Principles of the H-NMR and C-NMR, Chemical shift, Factors affecting chemical shifts, Spin spin coupling, Coupling constant, Relaxation, and Advanced instrumentation Applications.

• Mass Spectroscopy

Principles of Mass spectrometry, Fragmentation, Ionisation techniques such as Electron impact, Chemical Ionisation, FAB, MALDI, Analyzers- Time of flight and Quadrupole, and instrumentation techniques applications.


• Thermal Methods of Analysis

Principles of the thermal methods of Analysis, Instrumentation and application of thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), Differential thermal analysis (DTA), and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC).

• X-ray Diffraction Methods

Origin of the X-rays, Basic aspects of the crystals, X-ray crystallography, Single-crystal diffraction, Rotating crystal techniques, Powder diffraction, Structural elucidation and Applications.


• Calibration and Validation

Calibration of the following Instruments: UV-Visible spectrophotometer, Electronic balance, IR spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, Fluorimeter, HPLC, and LC.


• Radio Immune Assay

Principles, Importance, Various components, Different methods, Radioimmunoassay limitations and applications.

• Extraction Techniques

Principles and procedures involved in the solid-phase extraction and liquid extraction techniques.


• Hyphenated Techniques


Practical (PT- 900C)

What is the Syllabus of B Pharm

B Pharmacy Syllabus from Semester I to Semester VIII is available on our website. Please click on B Pharmacy Syllabus to read the syllabus online or download the full syllabus with just one click.

How Many Semester are There in B Pharm?

In B Pharm courses total four-year 8th Semester includes. Both years are divided into two semesters.

How Many Subjects are there in B Pharmacy first Year?

B Pharmacy first semester having four main subjects with three Optional Subjects. Please read B Pharmacy 1st semester article for more information.

What is the B Pharm 8th Semester New Syllabus?

B Pharmacy 8th Semester Syllabus Includes a total of five subjects. Which one of them is practical oriented and the others are theoretical subjects.

Is B Pharmacy Hard or Easy?

B Pharmacy is a comparatively easy course in between all the undergraduate degree courses. This course isn’t hard.

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