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A typical cell for potentiometric analysis consists of a reference electrode, an indicator electrode and a salt bridge. This cell can be represented as;

Reference electrode | salt bridge | analyte solution| indicator electrode

A reference electrode, If, is a half-cell having a known potential that remains constant at
constant temperature and independent of the composition of the analyte solution. The reference
electrode is always treated as the left-hand electrode in potentiometric measurements. Calomel
electrodes and silver/silver chloride electrodes are types of reference electrodes.

An indicator electrode has a potential that varies with variations in the concentration of an
analyte. Most indicator electrodes used in potentiometry are selective in their responses.
Metallic indicator electrodes and membrane electrodes are types of indicator electrodes.

The third component of a potentiometric cell is a salt bridge that prevents the components of
the analyte solution from mixing with those reference electrodes. A potential develops across the
liquid junctions at each end of the salt bridge. The junctions potential across the salt bridge, Ej,
is small enough to be neglected.

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  • General Principle
  • The Glass Electrode for pH Measurements
  • Potentiometric Titrations
  • End-Point Detection with Potentiometric Titrations
  • Reagent and Apparatus
  • Procedures

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