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We all see the world with our thinking which is known as our perceptions. Our perceptions are in actuality the filters through which we see, and understand the world.

It is our view through which we handle a situation or a topic we want to communicate about. We always do not see all the persons with the same opinion or thinking. Our thinking act as a "filter" through which we communicate with others.

For example, the same words can have different meanings depending upon how we interpret them. Perspectives can be visual, due to different languages due to feelings or it depends on the environment in which we work.

Visual perception is the ability to see and interpret visual information. If perception is inaccurate, incorrect or altered in any way it leads to problems in reading, handwriting, spelling etc.

Visual perception involves the ability to organize and interpret the information i.e. seen. It is very important because reading is not possible without adequate visual perception.

Without accurate visual perception, one would have difficulty in learning to read, follow directions, copy from the whiteboard, and would have problems with good eye-hand coordination.

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Perspective In Communication Notes Includes Topics

The most important topics regarding the Perspective In Communication Notes are listed below which will provide you with a general concept about the topics.

This topic is helpful for your internal exam, university exam, practical theory writing as well as making assignments.

  • Introduction
  • Visual perception
  • Language
  • Other factors affecting our perspective; experience
  • Prejudices
  • Feelings
  • Environment

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