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Basic Listening Skills Notes Pdf Free Download

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Listening is the most critical communication skill. Students are involved in various listening situations 65℅ to 90℅ of the time, but most students have little or no listening instruction.

Little listening instruction may be due to the lack of preparation, time or material. In addition, teachers may be uncertain whether they are good listeners themselves and may, therefore, hesitate to teach this skill.

While the other three language skills receive direct instructional attention, teachers frequently expect students to develop their listening capability by osmosis and without help.

So, the listening skill should be a major area of concern to teachers and students of a second or foreign language, this is the concern of this chapter which tends to summarize what is essential to be known about the listening process as it relates to foreign language learning.

It is intended to provide an overview of the key concepts and issues involved in understanding listening, it discusses the nature and types of listening, some constraints or difficulties faced by EFL learners in developing their listening comprehension abilities, and some suggested guidelines to consider when teaching this skill.

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Basic Listening Skills Notes Pdf Includes Topics

The most important topics regarding the Basic Listening Skills Notes Pdf are listed below which will provide you with a general concept about the topics.

This topic is helpful for your internal exam, university exam, practical theory writing as well as making an assignment.

  • Introduction
  • The difference between hearing and listening
  • The definition of listening
  • The active nature of listening comprehension
  • Bottom vs top-down processing
  • Top-down processing
  • Types of listening
  • Competent listener
  • Listener of limited ability
  • Listening and critical thinking
  • Conclusion

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