D Pharmacy New Syllabus Pdf and Subjects Free Download 2022

D Pharmacy (Diploma In Pharmacy) is the most popular diploma course in India. D Pharmacy New Syllabus is the main priority thing to grasp properly after getting admission to D Pharma Course.

Here we offer the D Pharmacy Syllabus PCI two-year syllabus Pdf. If you want to read or browse the syllabus choose your academic year and click on the respective link. Other than you can access the syllabus download just click on Download Now button as per your selections.

We also provide PCI Guidelines for D Pharmacy Theory as well as Practical examination subjects. From here you can also know about the D Pharmacy New Syllabus Summary of Curriculum.

From below the table easily download the Diploma In Pharmacy 1st year & 2nd-year-wise Syllabus Pdf as per the PCI.

D Pharmacy New Syllabus PdfDownload Link
Full SyllabusDownload Now
D Pharmacy 1st Year Syllabus PdfDownload Now
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D Pharmacy New Syllabus Pdf Free Download
D Pharmacy New Syllabus

D Pharmacy 1st Year New Syllabus

D Pharmacy Syllabus 1st Year 2022 includes both theoretical subjects as well as practical classes. Here we provide the D Pharmacy New Syllabus as mentioned by the Pharmacy Council of India New Delhi – PCI.

From this D. Pharm PCI Syllabus additionally, you will get exact D Pharmacy 1st yearbooks pdf or D Pharmacy Subjects Code for every subject of theory as well as practical. We also provide the D Pharmacy 1st year notes.

Subject NameTheory (Subjects Code)Practical (Subjects Code)
Pharmaceutical ChemistryER20-12TER20-12P
Human Anatomy and PhysiologyER20-14TER20-14P
Social PharmacyER20-15TER20-15P

Here is the D Pharmacy Syllabus in Hindi or D Pharmacy Syllabus Books for reading or browsing the syllabus.

D Pharmacy 2nd Year New Syllabus

D Pharmacy Syllabus 2nd Year Pdf includes both theoretical subjects as well as practical classes. Here we provide the latest D Pharmacy Practical Book Pdf mentioned by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI).

From this PCI Syllabus d.pharm 2022-23 Pdf additionally, you will get exact D Pharmacy Subjects PT or D Pharmacy Subjects Code for every subject of theory as well as practical. This second-year Syllabus has six subjects.

Subjects NameTheory (Subjects Code)Practical (Subjects Code)
Community Pharmacy and ManagementER20-22TER20-22P
Biochemistry and Clinical PathologyER20-23TER20-23P
Hospital & Clinical PharmacyER20-25TER20-25P
Pharmacy Law & EthicsER20-26TER20-26P

Here is the D Pharmacy Subjects list for reading or browsing the syllabus.

Guidelines for D Pharm Theory Examination

#1. Sessional Examinations

During each academic year, two or more periodic sessional occurs. This Sessional examinations time duration is 1 hour 30 minutes. The greatest aggregate of any two performances should form the based of calculation the sessional examination marks.

A model question paper of the sessional examination are given below:

Questions PatternMarks
Objective type Answer (Answer 10 out of 10) [MCQ/ Fill-in Blanks/ One Word or One sentences] or [Group A]10×1=10
Short Answer ( Answer 5 out of 6) or [Group B]5×3=15
Long Answers (Answer 3 out of 4) or [Group C]3×5=15
Total Marks40 marks

#2. Internal Assessment

The marks obtained out by the students in total 40 marks should be reduced 20 marks. Based on these two averages of 20 marks the internal assessment shall be calculated.

#3. University Examinations

The scheme of the questions paper for the theory examinations programme by the University. The duration of the final examinations should be 3 hours.

A model question paper of the University Examinations are given below:

Question PatternMarks
Objective type Answer (Answer 20 out of 20) [MCQ/ Fill-in Blanks/ One Word or One sentences] or [Group A]20×1=20
Short Answer ( Answer 10 out of 11) or [Group B]10×3=30
Long Answers (Answer 6 out of 7) or [Group C]6×5=30
Total Marks80 marks

Guidelines for D Pharma Practical Examination

#1. Sessional Examinations

Besides each theory examination, two or more practical examination also occurs in one academic year. The duration of the sessional examinations is three hours.

A model questions papers set of practical examination is given below:

Question PatternMarks
Viva vice10
Practical Record Maintenance10
Total Marks80

#2. Internal Assessment

The marks scored by the students out of the total marks 80 should be reduced to 10 in each sessional. Then the internal assessment calculated based on the best two averages for 10 marks from the Sessional and the other 10 marks should be awarded as per the details given below:

Actual performance in the sessional examination10 marks
Assignment marks (Average of three)5 marks
Field Visit Report marks (Average for the reports)5 marks
Total Marks20

#3. Final Board Exam

The model question paper for the practical of Final Board examinations conducted by the examining authority should be as given below. The time of the final examination should be 3 hours.

Question PatternMarks
Viva Voce10
Total Marks80

D Pharmacy New Syllabus Summary of Curriculum

The summary of the D Pharmacy New Syllabus curriculum, courses and other activities and their metrics across the ER-2020 D.Pharm program (1st & 2nd year) are given below.

No. of subject areas (considering both theory & practical together)11
No. of theory courses11
No. of practical courses10
No. of theory hours825
No. of practical hours600
No. of practical training hours500
No. of tutorial hours275
No. of course outcomes for theory courses45
No. of course outcomes for practical courses40
No. of courses which have given assignments9
No. of assignment topics given75
No. of assignments reports each student shall submit27
No. of courses which have field visit5
No. of field visit reports each student shall submit9
No. of professional competencies10

Some FAQs Related to D Pharmacy New Syllabus

What is a qualification for D Pharmacy?

For admission in the D Pharmacy course, students should pass Higher Secondary (Class 12th) or equivalent examination from any standard board with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology.

What is the scope of a diploma in pharmacy course?

D Pharmacy certificated students may start practising as pharmacists in India. They may work at drug stores in Government or Private Hospitals, Clinics, Community health centres.

Which is better D Pharma or B Pharma?

B Pharmacy includes a more intensive study syllabus of this field of pharmacy profession as compared to the D Pharmacy New Syllabus.

Can I do D pharmacy after the 10th examination?

No, Only science students after passing the class 10+2 examination are eligible to admission in D Pharma Course.

Is D Pharmacy hard or easy to study?

Some courses are hard but it doesn’t mean they could not be cracked. Every year number of D Pharmacy students gets through and become registered Pharmacists.

What is the use of a Diploma In pharmacy?

Diploma In Pharmacy course is a career-oriented diploma program in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, designed to familiarize students with the basic knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences.

Which course is best in Pharmacy Profession?

Different courses are there in the pharmacy profession like B Pharmacy, D Pharmacy, M Pharmacy, and Pharm D. In B Pharmacy includes Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics are best subjects. But in D Pharmacy Hospital Pharmacy, Pathology, Community Pharmacy our best subjects.

How can I become a drug inspector in pharmacy field?

To become a Drug Inspector in the field of pharmacy students need to have completed their Graduation in Pharmacy or Clinical Pharmacology or Microbiology or Medicinal Chemistry or any other equivalent qualification with these specializations from a recognized university.

Can arts students do a diploma in pharmacy?

No, Arts Students don’t have Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics subjects and hence they aren’t eligible for D Pharmacy.

Does pharmacy professionals have a good future?

During the study period, D Pharmacy students studied different subjects and completed various practicals. They have various knowledge about pharmacy and the medical field. So the future of the D Pharma students bright doesn’t think twice about that.

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