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The primary standard used: Ammonium iron(II) sulphate Indicator used: Is n-phenyl anthranilic acid.

PRINCIPLE: As an oxidant, dichromate has advantages over permanganate but it is less powerful, its use is much more limited. It is obtainable in a state of high purity and can be used as primary standard solutions of dichromate in water are state indefinite. The half-reaction for dichromate is:

CrO7- + 14H+ + 6e- ---> 2Cr+3 + 7H2O

The most important application of dichromate is in its reaction with iron (II) which is often referred to as permanganate.

Cr2O7-2 + 6Fe+2 + 14H+ ----> 2Cr+3 + 6Fe+3 + 7H2O

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  • Principles
  • Preparation and Standardization of 0.1M K2Cr2O7
  • Calculations
  • Application
  • Determination of Iron using k2Cr2O7

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