Remedial Mathematics Notes Pdf Free Download 2022

Remedial Mathematics is the optional subject for B Pharmacy 1st Semester students. Remedial Mathematics Notes Pdf is helpful to understand all chapters easily with favourable for good scoring in exams.

Here we provide Remedial Mathematics Syllabus wise notes pdf for free download. Just click on the Topic name and go through it. These all the notes are very helpful for your Viva-voce and Internal exam.

The exam is conducted by the respective college authority and provides every student passable marks based on scoring in internal exams as well as class tests, University doesn’t take this exam.

Remedial Mathematics Notes Pdf Free

Remedial Mathematics for Pharmacy 1st year pdf with answers is the only source from there you get all the remedial maths study material together.

B Pharm Remedial Mathematics Notes has some most important chapters which already you read in higher secondary. The Remedial Mathematics theory is the only portion, no practicals are there.

From below between various topics select the topics name and click on the Topic or Chapter name for Download Pdf or Read online. We provide all the topics notes pdf free access to Download.

Select Topic For Download Rem Maths Notes Pdf

Remedial Mathematics b pharm notes pdf you can download select the topics from below. You select the topics and download notes freely. Here we provide the best remedial mathematics solutions in pdf format.

Remedial Mathematics Notes Pdf Free Download
Remedial Mathematics Notes Pdf

Remedial Mathematics Notes Pdf having Partial fraction, Logarithm, Functions, Limits and Continuity related chapters includes in unit 1. Just choose your desirable notes and click on the link.

Partial Fraction Notes

Introduction, Partial fractions, Polynomial, Rational fraction, Proper fraction, Improper fraction, Process of the finding of partial fraction, Exercise, Short questions with solution.
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Logarithm Notes

Definition of the logarithm, Examples of changes between logarithmic and exponential forms, Properties of logarithms, Other logarithmic definition, Practical problems, Practice problem with the answer.
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Functions Notes

Cartesian products of two sets, Relation, Function, Domain, Codomain and Range of function, Important types of function, algebraic operation of functions, Classification of function, the Basic transformation of graphs, Composite of uniformly defined function, Bounded of function, Inverse of a function, Odd and even function, Periodic function.
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Limits and Continuity Notes

An introduction of limits, Properties of limits, Limits and Infinity I (Horizontal Asymptotes), Limits and Infinity II (Vertical Asymptotes), The Indeterminate forms, The squeeze (sandwich) Theorem, Precise Definitions of Limits, Continuity.
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Remedial Mathematics notes pdf unit having most significant chapters like Matrix and Determinants. In the exam, most of the questions are asked about these two topics.

Matrices Notes

Introduction, Matrix, Order of a Matrix, Some type of matrix, Particular case of the square of the matrix, Operation on matrices, exercise, The determinants of matrices, Minor and Cofactor of elements, Some Special Matrices.
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Determinants Notes

Properties of Elements, Solution of linear equation by determinants (Cramer’s Rule), Exercise and Answer, Short question with answer, Objective type of exercise.
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Differentiation is the most important portion of the Remedial Mathematics Notes Pdf. Easy and understandable notes are the only source to give a complete idea which are available below.

Differentiation Notes

Facts, Example, The 1st derivation test, Examples from Economics, Lecture note on integration, The fundamental of a theorem of calculus.
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Remedial Mathematics unit 4 comprises Analytical geometry, Straight line with the most important chapters Integration. Click on the link below and download it freely which will give you better concepts.

Analytical Geometry

Introduction, Lines, Exercise, Distance between two points: circles, Function, Shifts and Dilations, and their exercise.
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Straight Line Notes

Basic theorem and results of triangles, Introduction of coordinate geometry, cartesian coordinates system, Polar coordinate system, Distance formula and its application, Section formula, Area of triangle, Straight line, Angles between two lines, Family of lines, Equation of lines the points of intersection of a line and to curve the origin.
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Integration Notes

Introduction, Substitution, Power of sine and cosine, Trigonometric substitution, Integration by parts, Rational function, Numerical Integration, Additional Exercise.
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Differential equations and Laplace transform are the other most important chapters in Rem Maths. The Remedial Mathematics Notes Pdf Free download link given below from you can download and explore.

Differential Equations Notes

Objectives, Differential equation, Order and degree of a differential equation, Linear and non-linear differential equation, formation of a differential equation, Check your progress, General and particular solutions, and Differential order of the higher equation.
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Laplace Transform Notes

Introduction to the Laplace methods, Laplace Integral Table, Laplace transform rules, Heaviside’s Method, Heaviside step and Dirac Delta, Laplace Table derivations, Transform properties, More on the Laplace transform.
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Some FAQs Related to Remedial Mathematics Notes Pdf

Which is best remedial maths or remedial biology?

Both are the same marks weightage subjects. But remedial biology has practical compared to rem maths. In the B Pharmacy course, depending on which subject you have to study, you have got the highest marks in biology and mathematics in class 10+2 exam.

What are life skills and soft skills in remedial math?

Life skills are also used by special education teachers. The most popular life skills are ones that are:
• How to wear dress yourself
• How to brush your teeth
• How to tie your shoes
• How to have a conversation.
Soft skills may refer to college readiness.
Some popular soft skills include in rem math:
• Written communication
• Verbal communication
• Professionalism
• Time management.

What are the applications of remedial mathematics in pharmacy?

Several applications are there in the pharmacy of the remedial mathematics subjects. Most of the calculations of any graph problem are obtained by dose administration. The basic portion of the subjects is helpful to solve statistics, histogram and biostatistics-related problems.

What is the JNTUH remedial mathematics syllabus?

Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) provided syllabus is followed by the all over India colleges and universities. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad has also followed the basic syllabus, not another syllabus. For Remedial math syllabus click here.

If I have not passed remedial mathematics until 2nd year is I can take admitted in 3rd year?

Remedial Mathematics is not a mandatory university subject. So every college authority provides you with passable marks if you join class regularly. Until if you fail in rem maths, you should be cleared in sequences of the semester until pass out.

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Here we provide all the Remedial Mathematics Notes Pdf with unit-wise free access to Download. If you are a B Pharmacy student then above all the notes are very helpful for you.

Why did you go to leave the valuable mines? go above and select the rem math topics that you find.

We covered Rem maths notes of B Pharm 1st Semester topic-wise. All the notes are extremely helpful for your upcoming Internal and Final Semester exams. After downloading these notes pdf I assure you you must get a good score and gain better knowledge.

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