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Download B Pharmacy Remedial Mathematics Books Pdf

It is very difficult to find a good book for remedial mathematics that you can read and get good results in exams. This problem I face during my study period also. Here we are trying to provide Remedial Mathematics Notes with Remedial Math Workbook Pdf.

Download free Pdf of B Pharmacy maths book Pdf from given below the link. Here we provide different writers Remedial Mathematics textbook books with short topic-wise descriptions.

Remedial Mathematics Books Pdf Free Download and Online Read
Remedial Mathematics Books Pdf

Remedial Mathematics

Asian Books Private limited publication Remedial Mathematics books are the best reference books. These Remedial Mathematics for B Pharmacy 1st year question papers are also available.

Author’s NameSudhir Kumar Pundir
EditionsLatest Edition
PublishersAsian Books Private Limited
No. Of Pages603 Pages
Pdf Size16.70 MB
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A Textbook of Remedial Mathematics ( PCI Books)

Remedial Mathematics by PK Sharma Nirali Prakashan Pdf is the PCI book for b pharmacy 1st-semester students. The Remedial Mathematics questions paper is very helpful for good scoring in exams.

Author’s NameDr P. K. Sharma
EditionsFifth edition, 2019
No. Of Pages328 Pages
Pdf Size69.00 MB
Download LinkClick Here

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Online Read Remedial Mathematics Book

Hello aspirants, everybody looking for books pdf but it is necessary to know some points of Remedial Mathematics every topic of the book. Of course, you understand what I’m saying. The Pharmacy Study provides Download or Online Read Remedial Mathematics HQ Books Pdf with a short description.

Which will give you a general concept about Remedial Mathematics theory. Online read Remedial Mathematics solutions also help you to give any frequently asked questions answer in your practical viva exam.

✓ Partial fraction

• Splitting up a given fraction into simpler fractions called a partial fraction. In this chapter, we study the methods of resolving a given fraction into a partial fraction.

• Any proper rational fraction f(x)/g(x) can be expressed as the rational fraction, each having a simple factor of g(x). Such types of fractions are called partial fractions and the process of obtaining them is called the resolution or decomposition of f(x)/g(x) into partial fractions.

✓ Logarithms

• Logarithms was invented in the 17th century as a calculation tool by John Napier. A logarithm is a mathematical operation that determines how many times a certain number, known as a base, is multiplied by itself to reach another number.

• Logarithm is the inverse operation of the exponentiation factors. The logarithm of any number y>0, to a given base a>0 and a#1 is the exponent (power) to which the base must be raised to equal the given number.

Thus, if ax=Y, then logaY=X.

✓ Function

• In this chapter we study a special type of relationship called functions. We can visualise a function as a rule which produces new elements out of some given elements.

• A relation f from a non-empty set A to a non-empty set B is said to be a function. If each element set A has one and only one image B. The function f from A to B is denoted by: A –> B

✓ Limits and continuity

• The limit of a function f(x) is said to L at X=X0 if f(x) gets closer and closer to L as x moves closer and closer to X0.

• There are two ways X could approach several X0 either from the left or from the right, i.e, all the values of X near to X0 could to less or could be greater than X0. This naturally leads to two limits- the right-hand limit and the left-hand limit.

✓ Determinants

• Every square matrix can be associated with an expression or a number that is known as its determinants. Let, A=[aij] is a square matrix of order n, then determinants of A is denoted by det (A).

• Applications of determinants to coordinate geometry are Area of the triangle, Conditions for Collinearity of three points, Equation of a line passing through two given points.

✓ Matrices

• Matrix is a rectangular array of numbers, functions or symbols, arranged in columns and rows enclosed by a pair of brackets. The brackets sign is ( ), [ ], or || ||.

• The concepts of the matrix was introduced by Arthur Carley in 1860. Today, it is an essential tool for the development of modern science and technology.

• Some applications of the matrices are chemical reactions kinetics, balancing of chemical equations, and chemical system.

✓ Differentiation

• Differentiation is a process of finding the derivatives of a function at any point. The derivative is a concepts that is at the root of the calculus.

• There are two ways of introducing this concept, one is the geometrical way (as the slope of a curve) and the second is the physical way (as the rate of change).

• Let y is a function of x i.e, y=f(x). Here x is the independent variable and y is the dependent variable. Then the rate of changes of dependent variable y concerning independent variable x is denoted by dy/dx.

✓ Analytical Geometry

• Analytical Geometry is the study of geometry use of coordinate systems, also known as Cartesian geometry or Coordinate geometry. In the study, to locate the position of a point on a plane, we square a coordinate system.

• Let X’OX and Y’OY be two perpendicular lines intersecting at O. Let the lines X’OX and Y’OY represent the coordinates axes say X-axis and Y-axis.

✓ Straight Line

• Straight line is a curve such that all points of the line segments joining any two points on it lie on it. In analytical geometry, a line in the plane is often defined as the set of points whose coordinates satisfy given linear equations.

✓ Differential Equations

• A differential equation is an equation that involves dependent variables, independent variables and the derivatives of the dependent variables.

• A differential equation is said to be linear if the dependent variable and all of its derivatives occur only in the first degree & are multiplied together.

✓ Laplace Transform

• Laplace transformation is a powerful mathematical tool to solve the ordinary and partial differential equations with the given initial conditions, without the findings general solution and then evaluating arbitrary constants.

• A transformation is a mathematical device that converts one function to another function. For Laplace transformation of a function f(t);

f(t) —(Laplace transform)—> F(s), where f(t) input functions and F(s) output functions.

What is the meaning of remedial mathematics books?

Remedial mathematics can be defined as the intention to correct or improve skills in mathematics. Many institutions and universities offer remedial mathematics books in b pharmacy semester I course to compensate for their difficulties to learn economics.

Which book is best for learning maths?

Some of the best books for learning maths are listed below. Those books names are provided for knowledge and reference purposes. B Pharmacy students only follow the PCI books for good scoring in examinations. The books pdf also follow the B. Sc students in their university exam as a reference books.• The Art and Craft of Problem Solving by Paul Zeitz.• Calculus by Spivak.• Algebraic Graph Theory by Godsil and Royle.• Algebra by IR.• Group Theory by Rotman.• A Course in Combinatorics by Van Lint and Wilson.• A Classical Introduction to Modern Number Theory by Ireland and Rosen.• Real Mathematical Analysis by Pugh.

What is remedial mathematics in B Pharm?

In Bachelor in Pharmacy (B Pharm) course, these subjects are taught in your 1st year first semester. It is ok to take these subjects by the University among rem maths and rem biology. These subjects that are Remedial Mathematics Notes are taught to create a basic knowledge of these subjects.

What is the purpose of Remedial Mathematics Book?

A Textbook of B Pharmaceutical Mathematics gives the students educational opportunities of different abilities. Remedial Mathematics MCQ Pdf is a valuable resource to help teachers in the teaching of mathematics. The Remedial Maths textbook is a source of knowledge of mathematics of Pharmacy students.

What is the JNTUH Remedial Mathematics syllabus?

Remedial Mathematics Syllabus for Bachelor of Pharmacy JNTUH first year first sem is covered here. After downloading Remedial Mathematics for Pharmacy Pdf free you can get the latest JNTUH syllabus after prefacing the book.

What are the life skills and soft skills in Remedial Math?

Soft skills are used for those skills which are not technical or job-related. They include social skills, interpersonal skills, and a positive attitude. Life skills can define your relationships with other people, or how you approach life and work comparatively.

How to give feedback about remedial math teacher training that you have attended?

Feedback about remedial mathematics is based on naming what students are doing well along with their next steps. This may help build their confidence, utilize their strengths, and allow them to celebrate progress. So this is the way to establish timely and personalized feedback through conferring.

What are the Applications of the Remedial Mathematics in Pharmacy?

The remedial mathematics concepts are used in the career role such as addition and subtraction, fractions, weights, determining percentages and even measurements. You must have better knowledge in math computation and have a strong background in mathematics to ensure patients are receiving the correct dosage form of the medicines.

If I have failed to pass Remedial Mathematics until the 2nd year, am is I able to take admission in the 3rd year?

First of all, clarify the questions before going to get answers. You asked that remedial mathematics has in the 2nd year and after passed you take admission in the 3rd year! that is your wrong concept. In Pharmacy total of four years of Remedial Maths has only been in 1st Year, Semester I. This subject is not mandatory but you should do pass for taking admission in Semester II. If you fail the remedial mathematics of the first semester, you will have to get up in the second semester and take the remedial mathematics test again with the second semester of all subjects to pass.

Is Remedial Mathematics Hard?

Is Remedial Math hard, it is contextual questions. The answer is No. Here you have to do some portions of the parts that you have done in your higher secondary which are very easy.

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