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Remedial Biology Book Pdf Free Download and Online Read
Remedial Biology Book Pdf

Remedial Biology (PCI Books)

Remedial Biology by Gokhale, Kalaskar, and Kulkarni Nirali Prakashan, 4th edition is a very helpful Pharmacy Pdf book. Remedial Biology B Pharmacy PCI Books Pdf free download from below the table jut press on ‘Click Here.

This Remedial Biology Book is made with a lot of passion and hard work for excellent results in internal and university semester exams.

Author’s NameS. B. Gokhale, Dr M. G. Kalaskar, Dr Y. A. Kulkarni
Editions4th edition, 2019
No. Of Pages167 Pages
Pdf Size55.40 MB
Download LinkClick Here

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Online Read Remedial Biology Book

Hello aspirants, everybody looking for Biology in b pharmacy books pdf but it is necessary to know some points of Remedial Biology textbook every topic. The Pharmacy Study provides a detailed briefly described every topic below.

Which will give you a general concept about remedial biology books. Online read Remedial Biology Book Pdf also help you to give any frequently asked questions answer in your laboratory practical viva exam.

✓ Living world

• World is full of non-living and living things. But biology deals with the living things and with their functions. There is a great diversity of living organisms.

• It is very difficult to define living organisms and their characteristics. A few of these characteristics are as under:

  • They should have cellular organization.
  • They undertake the metabolism of food.
  • They can grow.
  • They give rise to the next progeny.
  • They respond to stimuli.

✓ Binomial Nomenclature

• The plants and animals around us we use their local names for convenience. Scientists have finalised the procedure to their names ICBN and ICZN were entrusted to name the plants and animals respectively.

• The scientific name has two components i.e. Genus and Species. Examples like as Saraka India (Ashok). Where Saraka is the genus name and India is the Species name.

• Five Kingdoms of Life

• Five Kingdoms of life and their salient features are Monera, Protista, Fungi, Animalia, Plantae, and Viruses is important.

✓ Morphology of Flowering plants

• The abundance of the plants and their size from bacteria to huge trees make it difficult to their studies of morphological characters. Classification of the plants has solved the problem to a great extent.

• A part of the plant’s body that remains in the soil, away from light, grows towards gravity, and also fixes the plant in the soil and supplies minerals and water known as Root. The root contains similar rootlets and root-caps at their apices.

✓ Body fluids and circulation

• Different types of body fluids are present in different cavities of the human body. There are two types of fluids are present such as extracellular fluid and Intracellular fluid.

• Extracellular fluids differ depending on their location in the body. These are Blood plasma, Lymph, Cerebrospinal fluids, Synovial fluids, Aqueous humour and Vitreous body.

✓ Digestion and Absorption

• Digestive system is composed of the alimentary canal or GI tract and the accessory digestive organs. The GI tract includes organs are Mouth, Pharynx, Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine and Large Intestine.

• The accessory digestive system organs are Teeth, Tongue, Liver, Salivary glands, Gall bladder, and Pancreas.

✓ Breathing and respiration

• The human respiratory system composed of the nose, larynx, pharynx, bronchi, trachea, and lungs. Respiration is the process of the gaseous exchange in the body.

• Respiratory system is responsible for the gaseous exchange that intake of oxygen which required by body cells and elimination of carbon dioxide, which is formed as waste products by the body cells.

✓ Excretory products and their elimination

• Excretion is the process of the elimination of substances from the human body. Different waste products like uric acid, urea, creatinine, ammonia, bilirubin are formed during various reactions taking place in body cells.

• The human urinary system consists of two kidneys, one urinary bladder, two ureters, and one urethra. The two kidneys are the important organs of this system.

✓ Neural control and coordination

• The nervous system is a complicated and highly structured network of billions of cells called neurones and the surrounding cells also known as neuroglia.

• The nervous system is composed of the following parts are the brain, cranial nerves, spinal cord, ganglia, enteric plexus, and sensory receptors.

• The nervous system can be classified as Central Nervous System (CNS) and Peripheral Nervous System (PNS).

✓ Chemical coordination and regulation

• The endocrine system is one of the important systems of the human body. The endocrine system and nervous system work together to coordinate functions of all the body systems.

• Endocrine System is composed of endocrine glands and hormones. The endocrine system secretes hormones into the interstitial fluids. Hormones are an important part of the endocrine system.

✓ Human Reproduction

• Human reproduction consists of the male reproductive system and the female reproductive system.

• The parts of the female reproductive system are the ovaries, oviducts, uterus, vagina, external glands, and mammary glands. The male reproductive system consists of the testes, epididymis, urethra, ejaculatory ducts, seminal vesicles, prostate glands, penis and scrotum.

✓ Plants and mineral nutrition

• Minerals are essentials for the normal growth of the plants. Their presence or absence is marked some deficiency symptoms. Minerals are absorbed in form of ions.

• Active absorption needs while passive absorption doesn’t need any metabolic energy. The minerals which are required in large quantities in plants are called macronutrients. The minerals are absorbed in minutes quantities are called micronutrients.

✓ Photosynthesis

• Photosynthesis is carried out not only in the plants having chlorophyll but also plants that don’t have any chlorophyll it is conducted by the two types of bacteria known as purple sulphur bacteria and green sulphur bacteria which are growing in anaerobic conditions.

• Plants manufacturers their food for survival in the green leaves with the help of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is not a single compound, it is a complex structure of similar compounds.

✓ Plant respiration

• Respiration is a very complex process and is different from simple breathing and combustion. Plant respiration is an energy-releasing process in form of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

• Respiration is of the two types of respiration in which free oxygen is utilised (aerobic respiration) and the respiration in absence of free oxygen (anaerobic respiration).

✓ Plant growth and development

• Growth is common in the human body and also in plants. It doesn’t take place throughout the life of the plants. It may apical, lateral, or intercalary. It is for the restricted period and in special regions only.

✓ Cell – The unit of life

• The living organisms are two types as unicellular and multicellular. In multicellular organisms, life activities are performed by several organs, these organs are made up of tissue.

• Cell is a structural unit of the life process. The cell has a definite shape of its type with a few exceptions like leukocytes, amoeba etc.

✓ Plant and Animal Tissues

• An aggregation of similar cells or elements having the same function is called tissue. The organs of animals or plants are composed of various tissues.

• Depending on the tissue origin, structure, physiology the plant tissue can be divided into two types Meristemetic or embryo tissue and Permanent tissue.

What is Remedial Biology Book?

Remedial Biology Book is the non-university subjects means this is opted by the students who obtained fewer marks in biology than mathematics in class 12th exam. But without biology to understand the pharmaceutical subjects is impossible. You can free Remedial Biology Book Pdf to download the above-given link.

Which is the best book for pharmaceutical Biology Practical?

A Manual of pharmaceutical biology practical by Nirali Prakashan Gokhale, Kokate and Shrivastava is the most important book. This books practical contents are written following the PCI issued syllabus.

What are the modern concepts of the Remedial Biology Book?

Remedial Biology Book is the sum of the eleventh and twelfth biology topics. The
modern concepts of biology are
• General organization of Plant Cell and its Inclusions
• Plant Tissues
• the Plant Kingdom and its Classification
• Morphology of Roots, Stems, Leaves
• Study of Flowers, Inflorescence and Pollination
• Morphology of Fruits and Seeds
• Plant Physiology
• Plant Taxonomy

How many semesters are there in Remedial Biology?

Remedial Biology is a non university subjects. No semester examination are taken by the university. The college subjects teacher taking the exam. It is mandatory to pass the subjects of all students.

Which is best Remedial maths or Remedial biology book?

The student who gets the lowest marks in Biology and Mathematics in the higher secondary examination will have to take the subject of B Pharmacy first semester. This means that a student will not have to study two subjects at the same time and that subject will be decided by the university based on their obtained marks.

What is the Remedial Biology b.pharm previous year question paper in Tamilnadu?

The syllabus provided by PCI in India for the B Pharmacy course requires all the states of any subject to following that subject and that syllabus. That is why the questions of the university exam are the same or not the same according to the state board.

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