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It is hard to find out proper writers book in your study needs for good scoring in exams. This problem I face during my study period. Don’t worry, here we are trying to provide the best books pdf like Thakur publication books for pharmacy free download pdf and Remington book Pdf.

Download free Introduction to Pharmaceutics Pdf from given below the link. Here we provide different writers Pharmaceutics books Pdf with Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf with short topic-wise descriptions.

Pharmaceutics 1 Notes Pdf Free Download

B Pharm Pharmaceutics 1 Books PDF Free Download
Pharmaceutics 1 Books PDF

Dispensing Pharmacy By RM Mehta

Dispensing Pharmacy by RM Mehta books are available for free download. This book is helpful for pharmacy 1st-semester students. This Pharmaceutics textbook book contains Pharmaceutics 1 Syllabus with study material.

Author’s NameR. M. Mehta
EditionsLatest Edition
No. Of Pages186 Pages
Pdf Size5.70 MB
Download LinkClick Here

Pharmaceutics I by RM Mehta

Pharmaceutics I RM Mehta book pdf we provide a free direct download link. You just need to click on the Download Now button. You can read Pharmaceutics 1 book pdf in Hindi.

Author’s NameR. M. Mehta
Editions4th Edition
No. Of Pages328 Pages
Pdf Size74.00 MB
Download LinkClick Here

Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Tablets Vol. 3

Th Pharmaceutical Formulation book pdf download for best reference during your study period. This is the best reference Pharmaceutics Sem-1 book pdf.

Author’s NameHerbert A. Lieberman, Leon Lachman, and Joseph B Schwarz
Editions2nd edition, Revised & Expanded
PublishersMarcel Dekker, Inc
No. Of Pages515 Pages
Pdf Size27.00 MB
Download LinkClick Here

Pharmaceutics-I (PCI Books)

Pharmaceutics 1 Book Pdf download Nirali Prakashan from the below table. This is the best book for 1st-semester students. The book free version pdf is available on our Telegram Channel.

Author’s NameDr. Sanjar Alam, Prof.(Dr.) Jagannath Sahoo, Ms. Shikha Sharma
Editions3rd edition, 2019
No. Of Pages164 Pages
Pdf Size43.00 MB
Download LinkClick Here

Modern Dispensing Pharmacy

Author’s NameDr N. K. Jain and Dr G. D. Gupta
EditionsSecond Edition
PublishersPharmaMed Presss
No. Of Pages187
Pdf Size125.00 MB
Download LinkClick Here

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Online Read Pharmaceutics 1 Book

Hello aspirants, everybody looking for books pdf but it is necessary to know some points of Pharmaceutics 1 Books Pdf every topic. Of course, you understand what I’m saying. The Pharmacy Study provides a detailed briefly described every topic below.

This will give you a general concept of the scope of Pharmaceutics books. Online read Pharmaceutics 1 Books Pdf also help you to give any frequently asked questions answer in your practical viva exam.

✓ Development of Pharmacy Profession

• Pharmacy is a health care profession that connects chemical sciences with health sciences. It is charged with the ensure the safe & effectively use of medicine.

• In the 9th century, the civilized world around Baghdad which are the profession of pharmacy started acquiring the shape. Slowly it spread to Europe as alchemy & finally developed into chemistry.

• The artisans of Mesopotamia, China, and Egypt carried out the first known chemical process. However, the 19th century completely sprouted out from drugs and started developing as a separate professional.

✓ Pharmacopoeias

• The book contains a list of the drugs and other substances regarding their description, sources, tests, formulae for preparing the drugs, action, doses, storage conditions, uses etc. Pharmacopoeia is derived from the Greek words ‘Pharmakon’ meaning Drugs and ‘Poeia’ meaning to make.

• This book is also known as Drug Compendia. It is the official and legal book issued by the recognised authority appointed by the Government of each country. This book is also revised from time to time.

• Here we mentioned Official and Non-official Pharmacopoeia names:

  • British Pharmacopoeia
  • British Pharmaceutical Codex
  • Indian Pharmacopoeia
  • United State Pharmacopoeia
  • National Formulary
  • Merck Index
  • Remington’s Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • The United States Dispensary

✓ Dosage Forms

• Pharmaceutical dosage forms are the safe, stable and effective terms in which medication will be delivered to the human body. These are essentially pharmaceutical products that are marketed for use typically involves a mixture of the active drug components and excipients.

• The pharmaceutical dosage forms are classified as Solid dosage forms, liquid dosage forms and Semi-Solid dosage forms.

✓ Prescriptions

• Prescriptions is legal documents or orders written by licensed health care professionals or practitioners for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of a specific patients disease.

• A medical practitioner wrote in the prescription beginning with “Rx ” which means Recipe or simply take.

• Various parts of the prescription are Date, Patient Information, Superscription, Inscription, Subscription, Signatura.

✓ Posology

• Posology is a branch of medical science that deals with the dose or quantity of the drugs that can be administered to a patient to give the desired pharmacological effects.

• Posology is a word derived from the Greek words “Posos” means how much and “logos” means science.

• Calculations of the paediatrics dose formula are commonly used is Clark’s, Dilling’s, Friend’s, Young’s, Cowling’s, Bastedo’s Formula.

✓ Pharmaceutical Calculations

• While dispensing the drugs Pharmacists have thorough knowledge regarding weight and measures that are used in pharmaceutical calculations.

✓ Imperial and Metric System

• Imperial is the old system weight and measure. Weights are a measure of the gravitational force that acts on a body and is directly proportional to the mass.

• Imperial system is divided into two parts for the measurements of weight. These are the Avoirdupois system and Apothecaries system.

✓ Allegation Methods

• The Allegation Methods are used when calculations involve mixing of the two same preparation of the different strength, to prepare the intermediate strength.

• In this method there are two parts present that are parts of higher percentage strength and parts of lower percentage strength.

✓ Prof Spirit Methods

• Proof spirit is defined as a mixture of absolute alcohol and water that have 57.1% V/V ethyl alcohol. The strength of the alcoholic preparation is indicated by degrees ‘Over Proof’ and ‘Under Proof’ for excise purposes.

• Proof spirit is a mixture of alcohol and water at 51°F weight 12/13th of an equal volume of the water. In India 57.1 Volume ethyl alcohol.

✓ Powders

• Powder is a homogeneous mixture of less or more finely divided particles in dry form. The powder is a solid dosage form of medicament that mean for external and internal uses.

• Powder are present in the amorphous and crystalline forms.

• Powders are two types that are Divided powder (Simple and Compound) and Bulk power ( Dusting powder, Effervescent powder, Insufflations, Douche powder etc )

✓ Simple and Compound Powders

• Simple powder contains only one ingredient in amorphous or crystalline form. Then the powder is weighed wrapped as the individual dose.

• Compound powder contains two or more substances that are mixed and then divided into individual doses.

✓ Dusting Powders

• Dusting powder is used on the skin to relieve the irritation or absorb moisture content to keep the skin soft and comfortable. This powder is used in various parts of the body.

• Dusting powder should be dispensed in a fine state of the division to increase the effectiveness and minimise irritation. The powder may be passed through the 80, 100, number of sieves.

✓ Effervescent

• Effervescent powder solid dosage form of medicament means for internal uses. This powder contains medicament (API) which is mixed with tartaric acid, Citric acid, and sodium bicarbonate.

• As a sweetening agent saccharine may be used. Before administration desired amount is dissolved in the water, the acid and bicarbonate react to each other and produce Effervescent (CO2 released)

✓ Efflorescent Powder

• When some substances are kept in the air, they lose water to the atmosphere, that’s why reducing in weight. Solids that behave in the way are those with aqueous crystallization.

• The molecules of water of crystallization are completely or partially lost to the atmosphere that’s why making them lose their crystalline forms.

✓ Hygroscopic Powders

• Hygroscopic Powders absorbs water from the atmosphere. But a deliquescent substance absorbs water from the atmosphere which forms a liquid.

• Deliquescent powder absorbs moisture from the atmosphere unit it dissolves in the absorbed water and forms a solution. It occurs when the vapour pressure of solutions which is formed is less than the partial pressure of water vapour in the atmospheric air.

✓ Eutectic Mixtures

• Eutectic Mixtures can be defined as a mixture of the two or more components which are usually don’t interfere to form new chemical compounds but, that are certain ratios, inhibit the crystallization process of one another resulting in a system having a low melting point than the components.

• Menthol, Camphor, Thymol, Salol etc is the example of Eutectic Mixtures.

✓ Geometric Dilution

• Geometric Dilution is the pharmaceutical process that thoroughly mixes a small amount of the drug with a proper amount of diluent, an inert substance that binds the drug.

• Geometric Dilution ensures distribution of the drug throughout the resulting compounds, according to the UNC Eshelman Pharmacy school.

✓ Liquid Dosage Forms

• Liquid dosage forms means either for external, internal or parenteral use may be sub-divided into Monophasic or Biphasic liquid dosage forms.

• Monophasic Liquids dosage forms can be classified as Aqueous and Non-aqueous. And Biphasic liquid dosage forms can be classified as Suspension and Emulsions.

✓ Excipients Used in Liquid Dosage Forms

• Various excipients are used in the liquid dosage forms. These are:

  • Sweetening agents (Saccharine)
  • Viscosity Controlling agents
  • Buffers
  • Antioxidants
  • Flavours
  • Preservatives

✓ Solubility Enhancement Techniques

• In liquid pharmaceutical solutions, the active drugs sometimes are poorly soluble or insoluble in the desired solvent. Also couldn’t achieve the required concentration of the formulation.

In those cases, the use of suitable solubility techniques can increase solubility. The techniques are:

  • PH Adjustments
  • Cosolvency
  • Complexation
  • Surface Active Agents
  • Hydrotropism
  • Micronization
  • Solid Solutions

✓ Monophasic Liquids

• The compounds of the solution contain an important place in therapeutic owing to the simplicity of the preparation and rapid Absorption ot the soluble medicinal plants.

• Solutions that are of particular value to the paediatric, psychiatric, and geriatrics patients having very difficulties in swallowing solid dosage forms.

• Examples of some Monophasic liquid dosage forms are:

  • Gargles (Phenol gargles)
  • Mouth Wash
  • Throat Paint
  • Ear drops
  • Nasal drops
  • Nasal sprays
  • Enemas
  • Syrup

✓ Biphasic Liquids

• Some examples of the Biphasic Liquids are:

  • Emulsions
  • Suspension

✓ Suspension

• Suspensions are Biphasic liquid dosage forms, heterogeneous systems in which finely divided insoluble solid particles (Dispersed Phase) are suspended or dispersed in a vehicle (Dispersion Phase).

• Suspension diameter range from 0.5-100 micrometre. It can be used as an oral dosage form and applied topically to the skin.

✓ Flocculated and Deflocculated Suspension

• For Flocculated Suspension

  • Particles are loose aggregate
  • The rate of Sedimentation was high and sediment rapidly formed
  • The hard dense cake does not form and Sedimentation easily redispersed
  • Elegant preparation is obtained

• For Deflocculated Suspension

  • Particles exist as a separate entity
  • The rate of sedimentation was low, and sediment formed slowly
  • The hard cake formed and difficult to redispersed
  • Unsightly preparation results

✓ Emulsion

• Emulsions in the liquid preparation that contains two immiscible liquids, one of which is dispersed as globules (Dispersed Phase) in the other liquid (Continuous Phase).

• Emulsions droplets diameter range is 0.1-100 micrometre. It is also thermodynamically unstable and stabilized by the presence of emulsifying agents.

✓ Emulsifying Agents

• Emulsifying agents are the chemical compounds that are used to mix two or more immiscible substances.

• It provides the stability of the miscible solutions also preventing the separation of the individual compounds.

✓ Suppositories

• Suppositories are the solid dosage forms of medicament which is made for insertion into the different body cavities. Their shape may be ovoid or conical medicated solids intended for the insertion into several cavities other than the mouth are known as suppositories.

• From the Latin word ‘suppositions’ Suppositories are derived meaning for “to place under”. This is also inserted into the vagina, rectum, and to a lesser extent, the urethra for the systemic or local effects.

✓ Displacement Value

• A Suppositories mould is filled by volume, but the Suppositories is formulated by weight. The volume of the suppositories from a particular mould is uniform but its weight can differ when a drug is present due to the difference in the densities between the base and drugs.

• The quantity of the drugs that are displaced one part of the base is called the displacement value. Different drugs have different displacement values such as Aminophylline (1.5), Tannic Acid (1.0) etc.

✓ Pharmaceutical Incompatabilities

• Incompatibilities is the result of the prescribing or the mixing of two or more substances that are antagonists in nature and undesirable products are formed that might affect the safety, purposes or appearance of the preparation. This is usually unintentional.

• Incompatibilities may occur in-vitro between drugs and other physical components during the administration, preparation, and storage. Pharmaceutical Incompatibilities are three types

  • Physical Incompatibility
  • Chemical Incompatibility
  • Therapeutic Incompatibility

✓ Semi Solid Dosage Forms

• Semi-Solid dosage forms are the topical preparation intended to the apply externally on the skin to produce systemic or local effects. Some examples are Ointments, Cream, Paste, Gel etc.

• Semi-solid having one or more active pharmaceutical ingredients dissolved uniformity dispersed in the suitable bases and any suitable excipients. It can adhere to the application surface for sufficiently long periods before they are washed completely.

✓ Excipients Used in Semi Solid Dosage Forms

• Various excipients are used in the semi-solid dosage forms

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
  • Preservatives
  • Humectants
  • Emulsifying Agents
  • Antioxidants
  • Organoleptic Agents

✓ Evaluation of Semi Solid Dosage Forms

• Various factors are to evaluate the semi-solid dosage forms

  • Content Uniformity of drugs
  • Penetrations
  • Rate of release of medicament
  • Absorption of medicament into the blood stream
  • Irritant effect
  • Consistency tests

What is pharmaceutics 1 Books PDF?

Pharmaceutics 1 Books Pdf are a freely available pdf that is most helpful for your internal and semester exam. This Pharmaceutics 1 Books deals with the method of preparation and dispensing of drugs.

How many pharmaceutics 1 book are there in B pharmacy 1st year?

B Pharmacy 1st year in the first semester Pharmaceutics 1 is the most important subject. We provide four different writer pdf free download links.

What is pharmaceutics 1 Books Slideshare?

Pharmaceutics 1 Books most recommended university subjects. All the topics of the books you can find in slides in PPT format which is helpful in exams. This subject is also called as science of dosage forms design.

Which book is best for pharmaceutics 1?

A lot of books a there for pharmaceutics 1 subjects. The most common and valuable writer’s book name we mentioned here:
• RM Mehta Pharmaceutics 1 Books
• Remington pharmaceutics Books
• Aulton’s Pharmaceutics Books
• Ansel’s Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
• Bentley’s Textbook
of Pharmaceutics
• V.N Raje Books Pharmacy

From where we can get old Pharmaceutics 1 Books Pdf?

All the necessary books of Pharmaceutics 1 are available on thepharmacystudy.com and mypharmaguide.com websites. B Pharmacy and D Pharmacy 1st Year Pharmaceutics Book pdf from this website you can free download.

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